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  1. ` I like this, ties into the cthonic tradition nicely. Obligatory: Also gods of thresholds and crossroads. Really, cthonic gods are awesome and severely under-utilized.
  2. The god of regret. Now, he controls morality, sending the guilt that keeps people in line. He governs apologies, and political situations. At the end of time, when everything has died, it will be his job to sweep up the universe and turn off the lights. See: Harlan Ellison's The Deathbird.
  3. Gods of primitized scientific ideas - for instance, you could have a pair of gods. One of them represents gravity, magnetic attraction, and the strong nuclear force, "The desire of all things to attract to one another." Another could be magnetic repulsion and entropy - "The desire of all things to remain separate." These then boil down into sociopolitical mores - the god who controls attraction could control love and fertility, or business, or government. The god that governs repulsion might also govern something like existential isolation, or they might destroy relationships.
  4. A god that sees/experiences outside of linear time. This god hates all things and all changes, because it can see how all things inevitably lead to the end of the cosmology. The god is continually engaged in a futile war against all things, thinking that any aspect of change is an agent of the end.
  5. A god whose voice creates or changes reality. It could be the creator god, or a god who represents chaos, magic, or possibility. It would need to communicate to lesser beings, beings that can't hold reality in place by their presence, using some sort of intermediary, a la Metatron.
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