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  1. Unfortunately, I (stupidly) did not have a relevant save right before the event. I had been heavily relying on quicksave, and did not know Kolsc was supposed to appear right after the battle. I had to go way, way back. Regardless, the second playthrough worked.
  2. Ban Tyman - The lord of embarassment, shame, and guilt. Often depicted in sculpture turning his face away from the viewer or hiding it in his hands. Typically, one sly eye peeks forth from between a slightly spread index and ring finger. Most say that he seems to be smiling behind his hands, though no sculptor has claimed that as their intent when creating their representation. Credited with - or more appropriately, blamed for - embarassing mischief like tripping over one's shoelace in public, public shaming such as discovering a governor has been pilfering from a town's tax payments, and mani
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