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  1. I would say both abilites are pretty worthless. If you're a supersquishy then +10 deflection will do not much for you. If you're not so squishy you can stand a few slaps on your own.


    Defender was nerfed to uselessness because engangement - as you said - is nothing that you can build on. Enemies have too many hitpoints to stop them with one Disengagement Attack - even if you're specced for damage it will not be enough to stop any enemy that rushes past you.


    So, best is to not rely on a single tank but build a solid frontline instead - and even then you will have to watch out. Another approach is to not use glass cannons. It's enough to give your backline a bit of DR and deflection (without wasting a precious ability point of the figher) and they don't get rushed anymore. Doesn't have to be superthick armor or a 100 deflection. You can even feel the difference when you put them in hide armor and put on a ring of deflection.


    Well yes, on PotD I would make sure my backline has enough deflection + DR so the added deflection becomes more meaningful. Does the AI look at both deflection and DR when targeting the most vulnerable? Or can I skimp on DR.. 

  2. Speaking of PotD. Now that AI is smarter, why would anyone choose the Defender talent over Guardian stance? Enemies seem to attack whatever they feel like, and your accuracy is too low to punish anyone breaking engagement. That +10 deflection from Guardian is so much more useful, because they protect the ones they attack. Sure the range is short, but if the enemies are going to attack your backline, why bother keeping a distance.

  3. From what I've gathered, the dispositions system is designed to reward players who respond to dialogue in a consistent manner for role playing reasons. So, I decided that my character would be "aggressive and passionate," but the term seems to be interpreted so broadly that it does not really align with my character, i.e. aggressive as in bold vs hot-headed, passionate as in romantic vs zealous. 


    Also good vs evil can be a deciding factor in dialogue options but dispositions does not take that into account.


    I know JES' recommendation is to pick whatever feels appropriate for my character (and maybe turn off the qualifiers), but I also don't want to be locked out of dialogue options linked to a high level of disposition later in the game. Most likely, if I truly role-played my character, I'd have a moderately inconsistent distribution among all personality types, and be punished according to the system.


    What are your thoughts?

  4. I beg Mr. Sawyer to rethink the whole attributes system.


    It's not so much about MIG affecting spell damage as it is about a buff wizard passing all those MIG checks that involve physical feats.

    If the goal is to avoid dump stats why not give spells distinct bonuses based on a variety of attributes in a way that makes more sense? i.e. require DEX to cast lightning spells effectively, RES to cast spells like charm, or MIG for more physical spells. That way you can make a generic or specialized wizard and still be effective without being locked into one stat.

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