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  1. I am sorry, maybe this picture is not so obvious. White dude is marathon runner while black one is a sprinter. Here is better pic:
  2. Constitution (which in this cease is another word for physique - IMO) in D&D stand for number of Health Point. HP represent the amount of beating character can endure, before die. http://www.d20srd.or...constitutionCon Marathon runners do NOT have well build body and can not withstand lots of damage. How do you thing which one will better withstand the effects of the street fight?
  3. aluminiumtrioxid - Physique is indeed better name. I have not know good word in english. Anyway Strenght is also fine. What for are atributes in RPG? All characters in game must have some necessary statistic for other characters to interact with them. f.ex. We need know how tough are enemies when we hit them. We need to test something to see if guard spot our sneaking ranger. We need to know how much someone can carry or how fast it is etc. Everybody is saing that: "every attribut have to be usefull!", but its hard to achieve if we stick with D&D rules. D&D attributes are
  4. Due to interesting discussions on this forum, I would like to share and hear opinion about my concepts about cRPG mechanic. I try to keep it as briefly as possible, so there is no introduction or number value for each aspect I write about. All I write below is like wishlist for system mechanic in cRPG (like P:E) I would like to play. 1. Atributes. Every attributes have also minor drawback. Phisical - Strenght. How big, how much can endure, how much can lift a character. Combine Strenght and Constitution. With every point character is heavier, so he lose moving speed. Agility
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