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  1. Situation has been (gladly) positively resolved by Obsidian support.
  2. i would rather not step into the mud and enter that kind of discussions you are pulling, but the accusations are legitimate. they are facts.
  3. that almost looks like a troll... don't go into that ridiculous territory.
  4. Yes, I can agree with that. A "physical copy" always implies a disc to me, whereas to someone else it might mean as well an "activation key".
  5. Thank you for coming to the discussion. I hadn't sent any email to support because I was gathering evidence to support the claim. Seems like a self-contradicting statement. "You will get a disc" followed by "there will be no disc". If this was really January 5th and the backing ended February 25th, there was plenty of time to correct the wording of "Physical Box Copy of Pillars II". All "physical box copy" games I buy have a disc AND a steam/gog key as well. I will properly take this directly to support.
  6. I would say a comment in a Fig forum is certainly everything but an official statement. But i will try and find that one out.
  7. i went through my inbox and i could not find any announcement regarding the aliasing of physical for virtual.
  8. well i do. i was promised something specific for a specific cost which i cannot accept to pay yet another extra for that exact same thing because of a "game of words" by Obsidian.
  9. It's like someone said: for 29$ you get a digital orange. for $59 you get a physical orange. you pay the extra and wait for that tasty physical orange. when you receive it, you open it salivating only to find out that it turns out to be a physical photograph of an orange. "we never said it was a real orange, only a physical one" bollocks! had i known this I would have saved myself the extra 30 USD + 25 USD shipping. paid 55 USD extra for ... nothing.
  10. Another one feeling ripped-off. Opening the box with the "physical copy" just to find a "virtual copy" was a major letdown... I am sure this legally qualifies as fraud...
  11. i havent observed in "real time" this but after a while of play windows tells me "low memory" and shorty after an "oops, game crashed" so annoying ps: 8gb ram. everything but steam closed
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