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  1. By MP mod, i didn't mean an ingame MP mod. I meant a third-party mod. Some people find a way to make it coop, and create a mod so we can play together. Would that be possible?
  2. I didn't understand the first part. You don't mind a MP mod for this game, or a MP game for a sequel? Or did you maybe mean an expansion pack?
  3. It seems you don't understand. Having coop support doesn't mean it will cost us better game experience. No. If you ask me, it doesn't need a special campaign to have mp support. Borderlands is basically a singeplayer game played by 4 people. A bad definition, but it's a closest one i could think of. It basically means that 1 player takes a quest, all of his party members receive it. The progress counts for everyone that's in the game while the quest is being taken/worked on/completed. Let them make a singleplayer campaign, and just add that LAN button. That's all i want. But, as Pipyui said, i guess having modders make a MP mod is good enough, as long as it is not crap like the Oblivion one.
  4. It is clear that the game would be ruined if it was an MMO, but imagine a lan system, where you can go through all that but with your friend? Or even better, a server system like Borderlands. It wouldn't affect the game storyline too much, wouldn't it? To be honest, i think singleplayer games are slowly getting less and less popular. I have no source to prove this, but it's just what i think. Therefore, having an epic game you can go through with friends over and over a game just makes it more epic. Share your thoughts - add ideas. Maybe this can happen, if you agree.
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