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  1. Yeah, but it'd still be practical to be able to center the AoE on a character in the midst of combat. You could do this with AoE spells/abilities/items in at least NWN2 and DA: O. Also, if you select the heal, and then take your cursor to the portraits, it will highlight the character you're hovering over, making it seem like you're targeting them. I'm not saying this is a critical issue by any means, just that I know I'll get frustrated by it because it's so hardwired in to my spine. I also wouldn't mind if the queue was behind a modifier, just so long as it was visible, or at the least, the current action and assigned action were more prominent in the HUD somewhere.
  2. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, or if it's in the wrong place, but here's one thing that I keep thinking would be nice when I try the game. - A visible action queue somewhere on the screen; the party leader's when whole party is selected, and individual character's when only one is selected. It would me nice to queue up 3 or 4 actions. It would serve both as a way to have a character perform multiple actions, but also as a confirmation that the command actually went through. This was something that I found myself missing when I started Dragon Age Origins, after having played KoTOR and NWN. Origins did show the given action next to the portraits, but only allowed one action at a time, which felt like a downgrade. Another thing I noticed was, that as I tried to cast a restore endurance by targeting a character portrait, the priest instead ran to the spot on the map that was under the portrait. This is something that I will continue to erroneously do because I'm so used to it. The game is looking fantastic though!
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