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  1. I just went there again for the third time and humped that gold pile like crazy while in stealth and sure enough a secret loot popped up... I can't believe I missed it before. Thanks for the help.
  2. The quest is called Cinder of Faith, you get it from a priest in the First Fires. From what I have found there appears to be three dragon bosses in the game. Cinder Sky Dragon Adra dragon I think Cinder is too low level to drop the Superb Tidefall Great Sword. So maybe it is one of the other two.
  3. That's odd omgFIREBALLS, on my first play through I killed that monster and went around the cave in stealth looking for some loot but found nothing of value. I only got the quest item and nothing more which seamed a bit odd considering the monster I killed. It was the same for my brother, he did not the the Tidefall great sword there either.
  4. I saw on the gamepedia that there is a great sword called Tidefall that has a endurance leach on hit. I thinking of making a build around this weapon but it would suck if it drops to late in the game. Any one know where it drops? http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Great_sword
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