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  1. Never understood this penchant for impractical armour, the first point of call for armour is that it be as light as possible, maneuverable and unrestrictive as possible. Adding spikes and other pointless decorations would work against these principles, they serve no purpose except to restrict movement and add weight to the suit, so why would any thinking armourer add them or a fighter whose life depends upon said armour request it?


    If flash and decoration are required, just look to some of the armours pictured in this very thread, enamelling, fluting and intricate carving can be added to them to make them works of art such as the Sutton Hoo helm or Henry the Eighth's ceremonial plate armour, as seen in the royal armouries up in Leeds, England. The childish and frankly silly aesthetics of the ridiculous armours seen in all too many modern games (such as Kingdoms of Amalur/Dragon Age) really needs to be killed off with fire, and the ground they sprang from salted in their wake.

    No accounting for tastes . . .








    Those aren't very functional weapon designs, they look more like ornaments than real weapons.


    But they look awesome. Metal armor isn't very functional when facing fire but I don't see you complaining about that.


    They don't look awesome, they look more like toys in my eye. Metal armor works fine against bursts of fire, but against constant fire there is very we suits what one can wear that it will protect its wearer against continuously rising temperature. So against fireball steel armour is pretty good, but middle of inferno there is not really anything what one can wear so tha s/he can survive long period of time.

    What is the meaning of chasing the full realism in an unreal world ?

  3. Paul yeah=)))lol i like asterix & obeliks=)making of elixirs and potions will be funny=)

    Dronios-я и подразумевал типа трансформацию со временем в существо non human=)

    Что-то типа : Я просто засуммонил волка и понеслось ? )))
  4. There is idea in game the druid can evolve from(Human,Elf,etc.) to some kind of spirit or manifestation of combine the nature part and part of its being into creature like this

    На первой картинке нежить какая-то, кости торчат ) На второй больше на элементаля похож.
  5. I've got an idea. Have you played Sid Meier's Pirates! (that one from 1987, I didn't played new version)? I'd liked the system of ending the game. You choose right time - at beginning (when you're poor) - you became beggar, when you are wealthy - baron, king advisor or even prince etc (there was a lot of availabilities), there was also a romance and seek out relative. In rpg game of course it could be more complicated on dependencies if you're good or bad, if you've got stronghold or not, romance, money, quests. Maybe you lived in good health and died at age 100, or you lived only a couple years after events - because some bounty hunter stabbed you in dark alley. That would be something more interesting and different then traditional movie on the end.

    I like the endings of Fallout, Arcanum. slide show

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  6. In update 28 they talk about how they are making a spreadsheet on the break down of the funding and where all the money is planned to go. 1. as a backer i think we should get to see this breakdown. and 2. more importantly i just think it would be interesting to see where 4.1 million goes into making a game as epic as this. Its an insight that most consumers dont get to see. Kind of an inside look on things


    What do you guys think

    They must have only one item of expenditure : The creation of the best RPG in history.

  7. Здравствуйте everybody.I хочу рассказать о друид класса в Проект Eternity.How как вы думаете, Обсидиан может сделать наш любимый класс более интересно играть? большой выбор характер полномочий,изменение формы,призывая существ матери-природы-древний treeman-может любимых=).

    Некоторые вещи о том, как друиды можете посмотреть-хорошо для меня=)

    Смотреть фото прилагается.

    For me the druid looks like this


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  8. As you present it in Fallout, seems like a good choice. The arcanum way is too easy, I think you should spend some points in a skill before needing to ignore what the characters are saying and take in other facts from your surrounding to understand how the character would probably react to what you are going to say. I loved Arcanum though, could have been better, but a real gem nonetheless.

    In the example of the Arcanum, just shows the relationship of, and in the Fallout ability to predict the reaction to your dialogue.

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  9. The addition of a house and stronghold raises a question. Can the player start a family? In games like Fallout it was possible to marry an NPC and they often became a worthless follower. In PE if you find someone to become your bride, they don't have to follow you around because there is a stronghold to manage. I like the idea of having certain NPCs be romance options, rather than just be limited to your companions. You could marry and potentially have an heir. This also opens up quest options like having a family member kidnapped, or attempted assassinations.


    If done I'd prefer it not to be like Skyrim or Fable where you can just walk up to someone random with a ring (or amulet) and have them marry you. They should be a few unique NPCs to choose from with different personalities and potentially different benifits. One might be an excellent financial manager who offers a bonus to stronghold income. One might be more martially inclined and add a boost to your personal guard.


    Just a few thoughts, I'd like to hear from other people with suggestions, and of course from those that think it's a horrible idea and why.


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