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  1. I really don't want a level cap. There can be a limited or diminishing number of creautes to fight and missions to complete, but once I reach a level cap, I lose some of my interest in a game. As a character levels, it takes progressively bigger jumps to reach the next level which is a limiting factor of sorts in itself. Let those people who want to grind out repeatable quests, or clear out every corner of a map for some small benefit do so. That will be me. I want the freedom to choose when the game ends. You can limit special skills or some other benefits of leveling after a
  2. It might be nice to include some minigames like gambling, brawling , and drinking contests from The Witcher as well.
  3. I would like to... 1. Be able to invest in building and raising the tier level of shops to acquire better items. Armor, Weapons, Tradeskill Items, Alchemist (Potions/Gunpowder), and storage items like BACKPACKS and CHESTS. I hate running out of storage space. 2. Be able to set a tax rate to collect income but it would also set a tone for the stronghold affecting the types of quests and the type of NPC / vendor recruitment. 3. Be able to set a Justice level. It would also affect the tone, and income tax, morale, crime, and quests. 4. Recruit officers and give
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