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  1. I really don't want a level cap. There can be a limited or diminishing number of creautes to fight and missions to complete, but once I reach a level cap, I lose some of my interest in a game. As a character levels, it takes progressively bigger jumps to reach the next level which is a limiting factor of sorts in itself. Let those people who want to grind out repeatable quests, or clear out every corner of a map for some small benefit do so. That will be me. I want the freedom to choose when the game ends. You can limit special skills or some other benefits of leveling after a cap, but leave off the cap so I still feel like I have some freedom. If I wanted to be told what to do, I would just go to work. The Might and Magic Series put a cap on each skill, but did not cap levels. You could win some of them around 40-50 level, do most side quests and end up with 50-60 level, or grind exp on mobs and reach 100+ Level. (Obviously an MM level does not match up with AD&D, but you get the idea.)
  2. It might be nice to include some minigames like gambling, brawling , and drinking contests from The Witcher as well.
  3. I would like to... 1. Be able to invest in building and raising the tier level of shops to acquire better items. Armor, Weapons, Tradeskill Items, Alchemist (Potions/Gunpowder), and storage items like BACKPACKS and CHESTS. I hate running out of storage space. 2. Be able to set a tax rate to collect income but it would also set a tone for the stronghold affecting the types of quests and the type of NPC / vendor recruitment. 3. Be able to set a Justice level. It would also affect the tone, and income tax, morale, crime, and quests. 4. Recruit officers and give them directions on how to act in my absence. 5. Have the ability to hire a spy/recruitment officer to: To Recruit Better Companions To Steal Items of Renown from other towns To sow unrest in other towns For quests To entice vendors to build To entice higher tier vendors To entice higher tiered tradeskillers To gather information To eliminate an obstacle without resorting to combat To recruit officers as a Tax Collector 6. To be able to build Aesthetic/Entertainment facilities To improve morale/tax revenue as well as to open up more quests. Statue/Obelisk/Fountain/Aqueduct Church Park/Garden/Pavillion Theater/Stage/Puppeteer Arena/Jousting Field Gallows Tavern/Brothel 7. To be able to build places that would entice/support NPC/Class Adventurers To allow them to be recruited as well as to supply items that they would use/need. 8. To be able to build resource collecting/processing facilities. Quarry, Mine-Gem, Mine-Metal, Mine-Precious Metal, Mine-Sulfur,Gunpowder(Bat Guano =P )
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