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  1. I've not been checking the forums for a couple of months, playing PoE and The witcher 3. I didn't realize it has become such a bitter and whiny place. Edit: No offence to anyone specifically in this thread, just happened to read on and post here.
  2. I haven't encountered the first bug with the quest At all costs but i'm just posting here about the debuff problem. My main character, a rogue, has the Blinded debuff permanently right now. I didn't notice when exactly i got it but it was definitely after i entered Defiance bay. I can't seem to shake it whatever i do. Is there any to get rid of it ?
  3. I don't know if it's related to the double-click equip bug but my rogue now has a permanent blinded debuff that i can't shake off whatever i do.
  4. I really like what i'm seeing here. The house model looks really great and the character model is just fantastic. Keep up the good work !
  5. I believe that if you're in a quest, any side encounter in that same area will be quite easy to include in the objectives. I wouldn't worry about that.
  6. That's exactly how it works actually. If you run into a random group of monsters, your immediate objective is to survive the encounter. How you do it is irrelevant. What's pointless about that? A random encounter is not meant to be a quest or an objective that you have in your journal. So if you kill for example two bandits that you run upon, then you get nothing theoreticaly. Unless you get an "invisible" objective that gives you xp when you kill them. Again i'm not saying it cant be done and i'm not against it by any means. Just saying my thoughts.
  7. While i can see both sides of the argument, i'm personally leaning towards a "mixed" xp system. I think that a pure objective based xp system limits the joy of exploration. The example i'm thinking is this: You get a quest to go to area "X" and clear a crypt of skeletons. An objective based system would work perfectly here. You go to the area, you enter the crypt, you kill the skeletons and earn the xp on completion. But what about the rest of the area outside? If i decide to explore all the map and bump into random encounters, a bandit group or a group of orcs, what is the point of it if i dont get anything at all? They might not even drop any weapons or gold, so why did i have to go around and explore the map and do combat? I think that xp should be rewarded on kills as well but it shouldn't make a big difference as in, the player that did only the crypt objective should not leave the area a level lower than the one that killed everything. Edit: Unless they manage to add automatic objectives on all the encounters and situations in the game, which i think is pointless and too much meaningless work
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