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  1. This isn't the case if you loot everything (including theft in my case) and resell anything that isn't either named or used for crafting. Right now I'm on Act II (Day 77). I've got 20.000c in my inventory, having bought 6-7 rare items from shops, and I've completely upgraded the Stronghold. Also I don't think money is technically finite in this game since you get paid taxes every 5 turns (between 500-1500c at my Prestige level). EDIT: Ninja'd. KingsGambit's reply is better anyway
  2. Same here, I think the issue here is that we're missing an upgrade. I checked with the Prima Guide (p.35) and there's supposed to be a Stronghold upgrade called "Additional Storage" that adds three chests to Brighthollow but it doesn't show up for me. It should be listed between "Woodland Trails" and "Brighthollow Heath".
  3. It would undoubtedly have to be Planescape: Torment. It was the first RPG I ever played, it came out on my birthday (December 12 1999), and my father had forgotten to buy me a present so he scrambled to the nearest PC hardware store and bought the first game he saw in front of him. Little did he know it would turn out to be one of the most mature gaming experiences ever made. 13 years later and I've played it about 20 times since then and loved every minute of it. Wouldn't trade it for any other game. Also this is my first post on the forums EDIT: Clarity
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