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  1. Slower, really? My first thought when seeing it in the video was "Well, I hope either you don't travel back and forth a lot or you get a speed-up button for that animation. It sure looks like something that gets tedious, quickly". Estimating what the cut removed, it's a travel time of maybe 10 to 15 seconds. That's 15 seconds of doing nothing. And then another 15 seconds to get back to your ship. And who knows how long for ship travels. It all depends on how much is going on during these travels, but for a pure location transition with the occassional event in between, it already is on the slow end, I think. If there's a lot to explore and get diverted, it might be okay, at least until you have to backtrack. I like the board game-y feeling of the sliding. Plus it reminds me a bit of the first Total War games.
  2. So, with Deadfire in development, I was wondering: What are the chances of more LoER goodness? Are there any indications of how satisfied everyone was with how LoER turned out, both from the developer/publisher and player side? Was anything hinted at by Obsidian or Zero Radius? I very much enjoyed - and still do - LoER and would be glad to back an expansion or new game!
  3. That "Beyond" bit at the end begs the question: Can we push enemies off there or are in danger of getting pushed off? As there is a system for environmental hazards in place anyway, it would be pretty silly to have an invisible wall at those edges where characters get pushed against. The same obviously goes for all kinds of cliffs or walls without any protection against falling. It would have to be balanced to not become trivial or frustrating. A high chance of success save roll maybe, or you only get pushed off if you're technically pushed X meters beyond the edge, or pushing off is only possible below some health threshold or some such. One would have to figure out what feels both natural and balanced, but I think it would make for a cool addition to the whole multi-layer and environmental hazard business.
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