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  1. I'm really not a fan of balancing, I've found myself disliking more and more games due to the idea that the game needs to be balanced. I really like that idea that some classes, and choices make your character stronger or weaker. Which I think gives you more freedom, and a chance of play through. For example, on your first play through, you could be a one man death bringing machine, and when the enemy looks at you, they just fade away. But on your second play through you may wish to bring an extra level of challenge by picking weaker option or focusing on stealth. Therefore I am hoping for a non-level cap system. But if they want some kind of levelling constraint, maybe a cap for the points you can put into each skill. For example, maybe there is only 100 points free to put into archery. After this point you need to find new skills to invest your points into.
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