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  1. Not necessarily clearing, but maybe an entrance to the city in the middle of the dungeon. The main point here is that the 2nd big city is below the surface. @mathewfarmery: good suggestion to use the setup to control the flow of the game. I prefer a game that follows a path over the newer auto scaling games where you can go anywhere regardless of your character's level.
  2. Please make the 2nd big city part of the endless dungeon. Like a big drow or dwarven city far below the surface, at the end of the dungeon. Whatever its inhabitants (maybe a mix of races, having resettled the ancient city ruins), it should be deep below the surface, and only reachable through the endless dungeon. This would give the endless dungeon a real purpose. Thanks for reading, Obsidian. Edit: Clearing the endless path is not important here, the 2nd big city can have its entrance anywhere in the dungeon, e.g. as a supply and quest base. The main suggestion is that the 2nd big city is subterranean. A city below adds more variety than two big cities above ground.
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