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  1. Similar issue here, I get a 2s freeze everytime I click on something in the character creation menu (you can imagine how annoying it gets when you are settings you characters stats or browsing portraits). I hadn't played the game for a month or so and everything seemed normal back then. My game is maintained up to date via GOG Galaxy and my system specs are:

    - 12GB Ram
    - i7-3770K CPU

    - R9 390 GPU

    - Windows 10


    Oddly enough I don't get any issue of that sort when I try to change a character portait in game.


    Edit: after a new verification of the game cache integrity and a couple of system reboots everything seems to be back in order, I don't know what caused the issue in the first place. I also disabled the cloud saves feature, I have no idea if it is related or not.

  2. BG1 & 2 are among my favorite crpgs ever, and yet I can't help smiling when people praise their combat system (especially when comparing to more modern games). BG2 improved BG1 combat mechanics just slightly, but honestly it was still blatantly unbalanced and the fights really messy. PoE share some of these flaws, the balance isn't perfect, fights are still a bit confusing sometimes but if you have to point out these shortcomings you just can't mention BG1 or 2 as a reference because, clearly, they were no better at it.

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  3. The review was brought back here just for the OP to tell everyone "See, see I told you, I was right and I found one review that says so".


    On the review itself, while it raises some valid points they are all presented in such exaggerated and completely biased way that it looks like one of these terrible movie critics: the actual point isn't to discuss the movie/game but an attempt from the author to look smart and build up his reputation. Many of the all time classics share the exact same flaws, which are for many of them a trademark of the crpg genre, but oddly enough in the case of PoE they become unforgivable failures... The entire review isn't about the game but about someone who's trying to show everyone how smarter than the masses he is (and drain some clicks on the codex banner...).


    I've read several reviews raising the same points as this one, except they didn't conclude that the game was trash material. Yes the game has flaws, but that doesn't make it a terrible nor mediocre one.

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  4. am sorry to say this, but you know what I did after finishing PoEt ? I started up IWD2 with G3 modpack and played it until I was through. I had more fun replaying IWD2 for the 5th time than playing Poet.. and that is not acceptable for a game I backed with the hope of it becoming better than (at the very least) BG1.


    So is the review flamy? Sure.. but it is also not entirely wrong in most the things is brings up.


    To me PoEt is neither the best nor the worst CRPG I ever played. And this simply won't do for a game I backed with the specific goal for it to become the BEST crpg...

    "I backed so they owe me the best crpg ever" :rolleyes:

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    BG1 is superior to PoE in every single way expect mechanically.


    see, is these kinda blanket generalizations that make folks look silly.


    HA! Good Fun!


    Well that's even better, if you summarize people's opinion here you get:


    - BG1 was crap but better than BG2

    - BG2 was crap but better than BG1

    - PoE is crap because it's too similar to BG1, which is superior to BG2 but still crap nonetheless even if BG2 was the best IE game.


    Now I'm waiting for: IWD 1/2 was crap, PT was crap and Fallout 1/2 was crap.


    And back to RPG Codex review: it is the perfect mix of "my personal tastes are universal truth" and "I can turn every single detail into a critical game breaking flaw".

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  6. Why did Obsidian decide to clone BG1 instead of the clearly superior BG2? Why settle for blatant mediocrity instead of aiming for supremacy?


    This is literally the worst Obsidian game I’ve played to date. That’s right, I even had more fun with Dungeon Siege 3 - at least it was a fun beat ‘em up, as opposed to this lifeless, uninspired husk.

    So BG1 is a blatantly mediocre game and Dungeon Siege 3 was better. Given the author's tastes in video games I'm glad he didn't like PoE.

  7. Take some constructive suggestions and criticism. Man. Show some toughness. Be tough. Be open-minded.


    I'm merely suggesting, open up those 2 areas. There is a bottleneck in the game. That's all I am saying.


    "He means the two specific gatings that happen in the entire game: between Act 1 and 2 (defiance bay), and between Act 2 and 3 (twin elms). "


    I believe you...​ everything you have said.


    Instead of thanking me, you attack me.

    I could have quoted the first post and answered point by point all your complaints and suggestions but I feel this one sums it up: Arrogance.


    This is the way YOU would have liked the game to be, not everyone's. Most backers would feel betrayed if the game were to be done according to your expectations. This is absolutely not what was advertised during the kickstarter campaign. The arguments you are bringing are not objective facts they are an opinion. I certainly don't want less quests and shorter main plot, and I'm pretty sure this would be detrimental to the game and I wouldn't be the only one to complain about it. I don't want cities turned into battle grounds, I don't want quests to be kept to a signe city and I want to explore in order to solve them. So yes "Zig zagging across huge maps" is part of what many of us paid for, and guess what we even have people complaining about the maps being too small.


    Next, how can you say that we can't tell the main quest from the others? Everything is sorted in the journal: main quest objectives in the upper bracket, side quests in the middle and minor quests at the bottom. As for the names too numerous for you to remember, same answer: everything is noted in your journal (provided you didn't disable the option), hell you can even write your own notes...


    Now to the "more factions, more unique items, more merchants etc...", you realize this is not an AAA game right? It doesn't have unlimited funding.

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  8. He said it himself that he chose to rewrite the limerick to "spare Obsidian a PR nightmare". So it was the Twitter comments which practically forced his decision. Also, the Twitter comments caused Obsidian to ask the backer to do something with the limerick in the first place. Yet they're "painted with way too much power"? Ask Mary Sue and PC Gamer then, they both ran articles about those comments and how they influenced "the offensive content" to be gone.



    I think Obsidian did the right thing by getting in touch with Firedorn, he is the limerick's author so the twitter mob wasn't just after Obsidian, they were after him too. The tombstones epitaphs are not Obsidian's work, they can't treat it the same way as they do with the core game content. They can't ignore them like they'd ignore critics targetting their work. I think it would have been highly irresponsible of Obsidian to ignore the whole thing and let Firedorn deal with these people on his own, turning a blind eye on the critics would have been like denying him any right to answer them.

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    I've just now been reading about this event after the fact, but the one thing that seems clear to me is that different people have different feelings and opinions, and yet both sides are trying to *prove* that their view is the correct one.

    Better listen to the epitaph author's own words than all the wild speculations around it, right? That's what I did, this is not a matter of opinion but a matter of sources and Firedorn is the best we have. All the rest comes from people's imagination.

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  10. Then you probably enjoyed the new one as well. I for one, don't care about the PC thought police I just trust Firedorn's words over all other theories and don't have any definitive opinion on those who liked it or felt offended by it (genuinly that is). The real issue here are those who in the first place accused Obsidian of putting transphobic content into the game and those who after Firedorn's own clarifications still claim that Obsidian censored the game in order to appease the twitter mob.

  11. Yes, uh hello. I am just curious if there is a way that when I buy this game later that I could still have the one joke in there along with the patch? Just idk feels like I would be getting jipped otherwise

    Jipped how?


    - Almost no nobody reads theses epitahps because they break immersion and most of them are private jokes that don't make any sense to the common player. This is totally optional and backer BONUS content not even remotely related to the game itself, only those how who backed high enough to get their own message put into the game should really care about it. You are not missing anything at all.


    - The only person entitled to feel "jipped" would be Firedorn the author of the limerick, and guess what, he is satisfied with the way things went with Obsidian. He came on this very forum to tell everyone the real facts. The new limerick is also his doing, he wrote it and he suggested it, not Obsidian. Don't believe all the crap you read about it on Twitter and all the other social networks, people are using the whole affair, distorting facts, for their own benefit and don't care about the game or Firedorn. Those talking about censorship don't know **** about what really happened.


    - There's a mod if you so want to have the original limerick back in the game (and good luck finding the right tombstone to read it). Even if, like I said, there's little point putting it back if you are not Firedorn himself.

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