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  1. I guess the only reason you would want an xp award for completing objectives is if it's something you already don't like. At which point you're wanting something extra for doing something you don't like doing. Do you see how flimsy this reasoning is?
  2. All of these make combat seem like a punishment that only comes up when you've failed at the "right" way of doing things. As a general rule, do you enjoy doing things that are associated with just having failed? I don't know anyone who objectively enjoys cleaning up a dropped and broken glass, for example, even if life forces them into that situation.
  3. I certainly prefer no level cap, and no de facto level cap via limited total xp. I think it would be fine if levels after a certain point didn't offer unique abilities but scale patterned numerical abilities (as Hypevosa mentioned). I can already hear folks clamoring for a level cap because it will make the PC's overpowered. My response? Make it challenging to get those higher levels, make it take time. That way noone's delicate sensibilities will be offended by the game FORCING them *gasp* to level up more than they want. Heck, maybe have the level cap and random/resetting encounters be options that you can toggle in the game menu! Everyone wins!
  4. I think that xp should be awarded for combat (a la random encounters) as well as for objective completion. For the objective completion, it's fine if both the combat and non-combat solutions give the same amount of xp, but only awarding xp for objective completion and a finite number of objectives results in a de facto level cap (which I disdain) based on maximum possible xp. Further, there are all kinds of skill levels in players and some folks might need to be able to grind a few levels in order to deal with a particularly troublesome boss fight, for example. Finally, given that non-combat, dialogue solutions will almost always be faster (in terms of real time spent) ways to complete objectives, you're essentially making all combat in the game a punishment. You have to fight because you didn't get this skill, or chose the wrong dialogue option and you lose some of your actual, real life time without any in game benefit because of it. Combat shouldn't be a punishment, it should be fun, and the only way to ensure that it stays that way is to include rewards for combat (most notably xp).
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