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  1. I'm crashing just walking up to the ruins entrance. Never crashed anywhere else. Tried several times, always crashes. Happens every time. Added the crash dump and error log. 2018-05-28_165110.zip
  2. So many people hating on relationships and romances. I'd say just to ignore them, but apparently just the fact that they even exist is enough to cause ire to some. Lots of us enjoy them, and lots of us will pay for them, and the developers know that. For those "manly few" playing manly games on their manly pc's who don't need no "steenkin romances", and who really seem butthurt that others might get some enjoyment - go play diablo or some other game without a real story. Romances and relationships happen in stories, indeed they are the prime motivator in many, if not most stories, just as they are in Real Life.
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