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    Developing new strategies in the Barracks.
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    Hmm, pretty much any kind of media.
    Movies, games, books, aaaand music not so much, but it's there somewhat.
    I can pretty much enjoy anything, you know, within reason.

    My favorite genre above all else is horror. Ever since I played Silent Hill, I think I was nine years old, I've been addicted ever since. Unfortunately, because of this and having seen so much ( I've been on /x/ a lot :Y ), there's not a lot of movies or games out there that can scare me anymore. I miss the dread and excitement of the unknown, but now that I'm older... ;_;

    Favourite games are well, where are we?
    Rpg's, mostly japanese (honk honk) but like I said, I enjoy everything.
    I don't know why but I absolutely adore Tower Defense games.
    Tried Dota2, still prefer League of Legends. :3

    Books. Stephen King. Well, not much else really.

    Currently doing a course. Cert III in Children's Services. At 22? Late, I know.
    ( I didn't do my homework :d )

    More later maybe.


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