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  1. Guys, that is, we can not get the level 16? = (((
  2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/334677 After seeing level 15, I was convinced that we need a level 16, to close the logical chain =)
  3. Yes, I totally agree with the monsters in the levels. And the fact that we need to reach level 16 (I hope he is the last in the plans of developers). =)
  4. A couple dozen people a day, it is a nightmare = (
  5. I think the 16 level will do nothing more critical. I also believe that all levels will make a good quality, all the currents so many people tried (and now even try) that they were in the game. So that the 16 levels will be just right. Thus, we will do all the job =)
  6. One has only to be hoped that in the near future, we will collect the right amount.
  7. The problem with that is if we get to sixteen, then we can get the square root of four. That is much more "even" than multiplying five by three. )
  8. But you need to know about how much time we have. I think 40 thousand, really dial in a week, or even a week and a half.
  9. Here you are right, the 13 has a mystic =) But 16 and sounds better, and 3 levels of puzzles and quests, and in the end, a large statue of the sandals =)
  10. Yes, we need to extend the dungeon sandals statue =)
  11. No. I mean that we have reached all the goals except the 16 level (40 thousand). Run it with a smile and see the process of creating the game =) But I do not know how much time we need that would collect 40 thousand. Now since there are only 27 476.
  12. But we must try to achieve the maximum. That is, level 16 =)
  13. But you can get and 16, but how to attract 14,000 people in facebook?????
  14. If you take up what we can expect 16 levels. Oh, there will have to wander around =)
  15. How much time do we have that have scored 40 thousand? Really have time to do? Lvl 16. dungeons would look nice =) And then we would have done everything, everything, goals =)))) Thank you in advance for your reply. =)
  16. Ie late afternoon (UTC +4) then news on facebook appear?
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