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  1. Hey guys,


    I was wondering if its possible to make assassin/melee rogues more fun to play



    Easy mechanic solutions such as:



    - Evasion : %10 incoming attacks have a chance to miss or reduced chance to hit the rogue



    - Rogues can lay traps in combat 2/per rest (with reduced accuracy ofc..since trappin is their main role, also for rangers)



    - shadowing beyond is 2/per encounter (please? :) )



    - Backstab: also triggers for blinded characters (x1,5 dmg instead of 2 )



    So what do you think of these changes?


    And do you guys have something else in mind which makes assassin style rogues more fun to play ?





    PS: Can anyone mod these btw ? xD


    One of those things is combat - specifically, the spell system. I won't be a complete idiot and claim that PoE's current spell system feels like a spiritual successor to DA:O's. BUT, I also can't honestly say that it feels influenced by the IE games either. It's different (and it SHOULD be different) but the problem is that it's TOO different. It's missing the "spirit" and "soul" of magic that made the IE games so friggin awesome.


    A 5th level sleep spell with a 10 second duration is an example of what I mean. in the IE games, a friggin sword that puts people to sleep for 10 seconds upon a successful hit would be considered underpowered vendor trash about halfway through the game But in PoE, that spell is reserved for 9th or 10 level mages to cast once or twice a day.





    Where is Magic's *impact*? 


    Has to be quoted.. Well said man..


    And i'd like to add Magic is a finite source of asset, you can cast it only few times per rest. In a game with no rest spam,  damage of spells should be on par with ''impact'' because you have a casting time and have to choose the exact spell that party needs in the right time and at right place.. (hurray friendly fire!)

  3. Well yeah, that's because of "save or die" effects, of which Pillars of Eternity is not supposed to include. For me the per-hit damage of everything is too high because pretty much every attack is a hit and characters in particular just do not have the health to withstand long when getting pounded on by anything, even in Plate Armor. It's also kinda dumb that you can do 3 damage on a graze but 40 on a crit with the same weapon, I really do not enjoy the feel of that. That type of swinginess did not exist in the Infinity Engine games.


    ^ That paragraf should be taken seriously. Somethings just seem better on paper*


    Not happy with the change to party member tooltips. When you mouse over the characters it no longer shows them above the characters, but above the portraits.


    In v257, it used to always show above the characters only, even when you moused over the portraits.


    in v278, it was changed (by request) to be split so that when you moused over the portrait it showed the character name, health and stamina there and when you moused over the selection circle it showed it above the character.


    Now in v392, for party members it only shows above the portrait. Why is this change necessary? It makes no sense from a UX perspective because when you mouse over a character's selection circle you have to move your view to the bottom left to read the tooltip. I understand that a tooltip may obscure some of the screen in combat, but it disappears when you move your mouse away from the selection circle, and by default only shows if you leave the cursor over the selection circle for 1 second - and it's now transparent.


    Every patch there is a string of unnecessary UI changes that make interacting with the game worse. I request this to be reverted back.




    ^ I disaggree it seems more manageble right now.




    Damn, I wish PoE looked like this.


    ^ No i dont. PoE is the new meta.. u dig it..


    I agree with Sock, those beetles are nasty and the size makes them look the part.  They come in different sizes too depending on the specie.


    ^ If you gonna play PoE you should learn to respect the Beetle Squadron!


    How would it look like if the Beetles were like... you know... beetles. They are HUGE in Pillars of Eternity, magically radiated. Like Molerats in Fallout, mutated, big.


    What if the beetles were like... small. Like beetles. Maybe not authentic sized beetles but, "bigger than feet"-beetles. Same thing with Spiders imo. Some times there doesn't have to be a "Special Spider"+"Big Spider"+"Some smaller spiders" in an encounter, some times something simple like "Lots of small spiders" can be an interesting and fun encounter in itself.


    I'd like to see smaller ones that are weak, but they come in a pack. Harmless one by one. No Adra or Wood Beetles in the composition, only like 10-15 "smaller than gibberlings" beetles that charge at you.


    Then again... in real life, the smaller the insect/animal, the more poisonous it can be (one of the deadliest poisonous snakes, tiny. Poison Spider? Tiny. Poison Frog? Tiny etc.) :p


    EDIT: Small doesn't have to mean "This thing is harmless" is what I'm saying. 1 Small Wood Beetle could be extremely poisonous, it dies in 1 successful Hit, or 2-3 grazes, but if it hits you you'll be poisoned hard.


    ^ May be instead of QQ'in we should learn to adabt the hard encounters.. No oldschooler  afraids of challanges even when it comes from insects!



    If I saw characters named Sensuki and Shevek arguing in a tavern in-game I would laugh so hard I would pee all of my pants. 




    Both Sensuki and Shevek have made major contributions to the game and forum in my opinion.  Even their disagreements are productive and thought provoking.  I suspect they look at the game and gaming in different ways.  High level contributors get their rewards so why shouldn't a couple of guys who have added so much of interest be rewarded?  Who would even realize that they had been except those of us active on the forum?  Of course it is Obsidian's call.


    ^ Dear Nakia, for once write something less sensible...  !1!!..


    I don't know, this build seems pretty good.  UI is generally better, leveling up is vastly improved, I am not having any performance issues (but that proves nothing considering my pc specs), challenge is maybe ever so slightly harder than it should be, and there are still some weird bugs/balance issues.  For the most part it is a step in the right direction though and a big improvement over the last couple builds.



    ^ This is the good summary of 392-bb..



    I also forgot to say - Ranger is the worst class atm. The shared health mechanic is silly in practice, and other than that they feel really uninspired. Big let down.

    Totally agree with you sensuki. Shared health pool makes absolutely no sense. I'm really not enjoying that class.



    ^ I have to disaggree to that. Place your beast at more tactical position. It's not a fighter or paladin that can carry the burden of heavy combat. Use it more cauitously.. be defensive or be more selective at targeting.. And for the Ranger damage i would say after picking some reasonbale talents/points..  its just ZOMG..i've tried it 



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  4. The game itself is burst damage festial now.


    I remember times when a brittle fkn npc wizard casting some enchanment spell or scroll, i was wetting my keyboard in fear! how can i stop him? What does he casting ? Is it Chaos, Fear or Confusion... OMG..half the party is gone xD


    We wanted an IE game guys, please consider what kind of feeling we want  when playing the game. 


    New players doesnt gonna play this game more than DA:I or some new sh.t.. All the guys here (*cough.. loyal customers..cough*) wanted to play in BG and Torment kind of game.


    Bring the old magic system back with reduced duration timers and some kind of revamps. But dont make us play the game with this magic system. Its nothin more than a burst damage festival. No need for tactic or what so ever..


    Save the wizard class!! 


    All hail to the spell school system!!

  5. Lovely update. The Rogue is looking great. I could also absolutely see myself having a ranger with a nice musket in my party. I'd love that type of ranged DPS. 


    For next class update I'd like to see the front-line. Particularly, I want to see how Barbarians hold up as strikers by comparison to the Rogue, and what damage capability the Fighter might have. Those three are after all the classes I'm most interested in. 


    Lovely update. The Rogue is looking great. I could also absolutely see myself having a ranger with a nice musket in my party. I'd love that type of ranged DPS. 



    I'd love that type of ranged DPS. 






    ranged DPS. 






    quick call The Urquhart, i remember listening to his radio interview and he was talking about IE games =)


    BTW I'd love to see how you guys doing with animations  :)


    Lastly,  my vote goes to 'The Frontliners' for the next update

  6. Please dont bash Gfted1, i like that guy's straightforwardness and honesty. I also believe he cares for this game so its natural for him to explain his thoughts so far. :)


    Also i do like where the game mechanics going and these changes might be the thing which IE games needed most.


    And i would like to apologize from Mr Josh for being hasty when i heard Cyphers are soulknifes since Mr Josh explained that they have designed Priests more like Sorcerers ( i admit i didnt expect this surprise. Tis gonna be great for both game-mechanic wise and role-play wise :) )


    TL:DR  Keep up the good faith! These guys were the designers of epic stories and games so they deserve more trust. And dont be hasty like me !  :yes:

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  7. Differences between accuracy and defense shift the entire scale point for point.


    20 Accuracy vs. 20 Deflection = 5% Miss, 45% Graze, 45% Hit, 5% Crit

    25 Accuracy vs. 20 Deflection = 0% Miss, 45% Graze, 45% Hit, 10% Crit

    15 Accuracy vs. 20 Deflection = 10% Miss, 45% Graze, 45% Hit, 0% Crit

    97 Accuracy vs. 52 Deflection = 0% Miss, 5% Graze, 45% Hit, 50% Crit


    No matter what the difference between accuracy and defense are, it's always possible for the attacker to Graze or Hit.  However, through advantage or deficit, the attacker can eliminate the possibility of Miss and Crit.  Certain classes have abilities that shift these bands.  E.g. rogues have Dirty Fighting, which increases their Crit range.  Fighters have Confident Aim, which increases their Graze range.  They can also gain Critical Defense, which -- you guessed it -- makes it more difficult for enemies to score Crits against them.


    Does that mean (without class abilities ofc)


    hit = health + stamina damage


    graze= stamina damage + some chance of health damage ?


    i really liked the new physical combat mechanics  :yes:

  8. First party


    Barbarian with dual wielding flails

    Barbarian with big hammer or mace

    Barbarian with greataxe or dual axes


    Wizard- me

    Cleric or rogue


    Fully buffed raging barbarians. Rofl-stompin till i have a good idea about combat efficiency for the wizard



    Second party


    Wizard- me (after learning the combat mechanics)

    others will be picked for rolepay :)

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