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  1. @Sensx 


    There could be reasons why you don't get the coupon now. Since Paradox has to provide the keys it could be that Obsidian hasn't received any keys to give to backers yet. But I think Obsidian should add a note about the availability of the coupon in the paypal tiers (not just the limited time offer note). I wouldn't be surprised if people backing through paypal expect to get the key immediatly otherwise (which would be logical). 

  2. I really like that there'll be a talking weapon in the game. There are several things which I hope Obsidian avoids to do.


    1. Gifting the weapon on every play through. Such a weapon should require some effort/exploration to aquire it. Sadly because this is a promised sg I think everyone will get it on a normal playthrough.
    2. (Again) Because it is a stretch goal the weapon will be either a morphable weapon to accommodate every class or have a weapon type which is based an the mainchar. I remember finding lilarcor on my first playthrough and my char couldn't use it. On my next playthrough I made a char who could wield it because I really wanted to use it. (This one is a small thing and I understand if the majority thinks otherwise.)
    3. Giving the weapon only a few barks during battle and nothing more. It would be cool if the weapon could provide a quest where you could free the trapped soul within the weapon. If you go through with it the weapon wouldn't talk anymore and maybe even lose/aquire some other powers. Thinking about it: You could "free" (transfer) the soul from the sword to a construct like the Devil of Carroc and get a sidekick (companion would be much cooler but completely out of scope i guess ;D) instead of the talking weapon. THAT would be an awesome decision and if the weapon is missable something which would definetly encourage replayability.

    Not sure why it had to be talking weapon. An armor would have been cool as well. Instead of barks when you attack it would utter barks when you're hit and at specific endurance lvls it could activate abilities accompanied with a set of special barks. I'm looking forward to obsidians implementation and I hope they take the idea of lilarcor one or two steps further ;)

  3. From Feargus on Fig:



    To put it up here - we have absolutely heard everyone about having a goal that has to do with content like we did with Caed Nua (The Endless Paths) in the original Pillars. We will have something I think is very cool to show on that in a few days.



    So, maybe all of us content lovers for stretch goals will get their fix ;)

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  4. I do like this stretch goal. "Double the voice acting". They can basically leave voice acting as is and then say "Oh we totally doubled it."

    Well, you're right that they could do that. But then again crowdfunding is all about trust and I trust them. We'll get atleast more voice sets then in PoE1 and having more options while creating your character is (in my book) always a plus. 

  5. Well, I think they are kinda careful about their stretch goals this time around. I'm okay with all the stretch goals. Sure I'd prefer other stretch goals but that doesn't mean they are bad. I don't need any translation (english is not my mother tongue) and therefore those things are obsolete for me personally. I don't need better AI because I like doing everything myself and I play on the higher (highest) difficulties. More VO is nice but I can manage without it. Watercolor portraits are nice. So are those now trash just because they don't cater to my liking? I don't think so and I appreciate them. They'll make the game better and playable for more people. Of course I hope that further down the road some stretch goals cater more to my personal needs. But with subclasses, multiclasses and the lvl increase I already got something out of those stretch goals and I'm content. 

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  6. So this came up in the first dev stream and Josh himself suggested we discuss it on the forums, so .... yeah someone has to make the thread, may as well be me.


    Long and short of it, with the game restarting at level 1, how do people feel about having the ability to change your character?  If you feel you should be able to change them, how much should be open to change?


    Is it okay to change your class?  Change your appearance such as beard style, or hair color?  What about changing your subrace?  How about your entire race in and of itself?  Maybe you used to be a lady and suddenly you want to be a guy?


    Personally I feel like class should be open to change, as should basic character changes such as skin color or hair style.  Should you be able to change the rest?  Like race or sex?  No I don't think so.  But feel free to weigh in with your own opinions folks!

    Exactly what I thought when I heard that. A class change is pretty reasonable considering the quite substantial overhaul of the classes. But changing the race or sex of an importet character is going too far. If you can change everything then that wouldn't be the character that adventured through the original. 

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    I got an email direct from Obsidian to this effect, on Jan 26th.  The email footer said that "You are subscribed to the Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire newsletter as a previous supporter of the project."  I assume that they used my contact information from their backer portal (rather than from Kickstarter, which the message didn't mention at all).  I'm surprised that they didn't do the same for everybody. 


    The message did include a $5 discount code for any tier over $29, so maybe they only sent it to folks who backed Pillars1 above a certain level?  (That said, gmail routed it to my "promotions" sub-folder, where I didn't see it until I had already backed Deadfire.  Oh well.)



    I got that email. Although I had to look in my spam folder. But there should have been an email from kickstarter about a new update from "Project Eternity". I don't know why I didn't get that email or why it doesn't even show up in the activity tracker on ks. Maybe ks blocked this because it redirects people to another platform. The only other reason besides just a bug is that I verified that I got my reward.  



    January 28 Kickstarter Update # 110 in fact.  Would have sent out via email to anyone getting updated by email and would be in their updates next time they log on


    Oo. Just checked it and it doesn't show up in my activity tracker on ks. Would have never noticed this without your comment. Have to check my mail if I at least got an email about it. 




    Nope. Never got an email about the update. Someone posted in the comment section of the update that the same thing happened to him. Without an email or appearing in the ks activity tracker the only way to notice that there was an update is through the Update tab of the campaign. 

  9. Hey guys!


    Here to answer all of your backer needs! So, in the Physical Box tier, you will get a physical disc of the game, however, it is actually a Steam installer. There will be no disc version of the game this time around. Though you will be able to choose between a Steam key or a GOG key. So for your DRM-free needs, you can go with GOG.


    For the Early Access Tier, you can do both. You can gain Early Access key for Steam, and then you can also choose to have a GOG key for the full game. So you can have your cake and eat it too! 


    Personally I'm fine with steam but just for clarification: Are the game files on that disc so that you don't have to download everything or is there really just an installer for the steam software on it? 



    I'm a lover not a fighter, so I'm not really trashing the system.  I will, nevertheless, try to explain my position.  I see the design in Pillars 1 as elegant, interesting, and fun.  I don't mind subclasses if it all existed in a vacuum and it didn't matter to me as the end user.  However, it does impact me.  I don't like the use of alternate rules and exceptions and the like because I firmly believe that it muddies up the elegant system from the original.  Not that I won't play it and probably enjoy it, but I always hated prestige classes because, rather than expanding choices as the advocates contended, they limit the player through entirely mechanical means.  Better that prestige (and sub-) classes come organically (oh my Lord, please forgive the expression) from the campaign and story.


    Thanks for the clarification. I think I can now understand your opinion better. 

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  11. First of all, your last post, infinitwhatever, has in one stroke undermined your prior statement about a new sheriff (lead developer) in town.  Don't bother hitting Mr. Null up for changes.   Clearly, Mr. Sawyer still has a hand on the tiller, and it's iron.  The hand... and maybe the tiller.  At any rate, when I see things like 'subclass,' I cringe.  Are we going back to splat-books, twenty volumes of alternate rules, and the non-sense of prestige classes.  I'm new around here, but I thought Mr. Sawyer didn't like those things.  I guess maybe kill XP isn't the joke I thought it was.  Might be we'll see that soon also.  I want to see the game evolve, but multi-classing is simply not what I wanted to see and 'subclasses' simply make my left eyebrow twitch.  Sometimes my right eyebrow also.


    I can respect your sentiment in this but why are you bothered with something which (if you so choose) doesn't impact your playthrough? It's a solo game and if you don't want to use sub-/multi-classes you don't have to. It just offers you more options in how you want to build your character. I loved that aspect in NWN 1/2 but if I wanted to I could just play with the base classes. 

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  12. jes.png


    I understand the reasoning behind this. For someone who didn't play PoE1 or hasn't played it since it's release to have him jump into it and creating a ~lvl 14 character from scratch would overwhelm the majority (=people not being active here) of players. A solution to this would have been to scale the content to a fresh lvl 1 character or to a higher lvl character. Of course this would require extra balancing and might be too much of a hassle for the expected gain. 


    I'm kinda fine starting at lvl 1 but it would be really nice to give players at least something if they _imported_ their save. I don't like the idea that people who don't get the exact same as people who do. It would be nice if this is done like in ME. There people who imported their save got more out of it. For example decisions in side quests or other kinda minor stuff. People who don't import a save just got to tell the game their decisions for some major story decisions and got a bit less reactivity in that game. 

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