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  1. Well, they can start working on ports AFTER the release of PC version, using money earned from sales on PC.
  2. Oh, this thread will die... ...when we get official confirmation of console versions. Then we'll move to discussing the details of console ports and of course the game itself.
  3. Really? You can't be serious. How should amount of RAM or anything else regarding current console hardware matter for a low budget Unity engine RPG with 2D backgrounds. Seriously, how? I can kinda understand interface related arguments but this is just silly. Please, see how some of the latest multiplatform and console exclusive games look like. Same consoles you are trying to present as too weak and aged for a UNITY ENGINE RPG WITH 2D BACKGROUNDS run some amazing looking games just fine.
  4. I'm sorry if my post seemed insulting or trollish. However, I REALLY do not see how it is irrelevant that there are tons of difficult and deep console RPGs. Some guys here sound like they really belive that console RPG = Mass Effect & FF XIII. That's just silly and ignorant. I remember when PC gamers begged for PC port of Dark Souls, I'd never play that game on PC but I supported those who requested PC version. I really ejoyed playing both Souls games and I belived that there is a market for that kind of RPG on PC even if I never was really PC gamer myself. It's sad that some PC gamers
  5. Some stuff I read here is beyond annoying. Why SHOULD'T this be on consoles? I played first Dragon Age from start to finish on my PS3 SEVERAL TIMES. That game was fully enjoyable with a gamepad. I HATE HATE HATE this silly idea that only PC gamers enjoy complex RPGs and that PC games are only ones who are being "dumbed down" for console "peasants". That crap needs to DIE. I hated Dragon Age 2 and so did bunch of other console gamers. Hell, i played Tactics Ogre on PSP last year and that stuff was far more complex and had more choices and cosequences than 99% recent WRPGs. valkyria chronicles?
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