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  1. That still doesn't tell me if "my own dudes" will be simple bots or people with specific traits like the "regular companions". ^^ But you're right : as long as there are these characters with backstory and personality, that's fine to me.
  2. As Zap Rowsdower said, a spiritual successor would be great. The subtle link between the gameplay and the effects on the story was brilliant, you almost forget the game system and the mechanics. This discretion, this attachment to the role play, video games developers should take care of and improve this. But there is no need of Alpha Protocol 2, I think. Too many endings, that are a perfect conclusion. And sometimes, you just have to imagine : the mysterious and secret atmosphere of the game is important. I rather prefer a new edition of Alpha Protocol with gameplay mechanics improved
  3. I'm very worried about the Adventurer's Hall. :S Do the custom parties that it implies mean there will be few random, generic and silent companions who never react to your actions ? I understand that mercenaries have to be professional, but I hope even them have an opinion or principles. I like old role playing games, but I've always thought that the silent companions/followers were a default quite important, even in the brilliant Planescape : Torment. Please, tell me I am misunderstanding and the role play direction is also applied to the parties from the Adventurer's Hall. ^^
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