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  1. https://news.game.co.uk/the-outer-world-interview/


    GAME: Have you put something in the game knowing that it will almost likely be never seen by someone?

    Dan McPhee: I love that stuff. I love the little details like that. Yeah, [in The Outer Worlds], there’s one town where there’s a little group of people just drinking around a little fire. And I put in some interactions where if you steal their drinks, they’ll yell at you about it. No one’s ever going to do that. But the few people who do I think will find it really funny. I like that stuff. So I kind of try and pepper it in wherever I can.

    More NPCs react in outer worlds😊

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    IWD 3 in P:E engine (I think Obsidian owns the IP)


    Icewind Dale is part of Forgotten Realms IP which is under D&D IP, which owner is Wizards of the Coast, who is owned by Hasbro.

    I was talking about the IWD brand which i think belongs to Obsidian. However, yes if they want to use it they must license D&D by hasbro

    Only ones that I could find belogn WotC


    and Atari, which is abadoned


    Ok, maybe i was wrong. I swear that i read somewhere that Feargus had the rights




    Buck: I know that Obsidian Entertainment owns the Icewind Dale franchise assets and that you've approached publishers in the past about the prospect of pursuing Icewind Dale III. Given the success of your Project Eternity Kickstarter, what are the odds that we may yet see an ID3 in the near future, crowd-funded or not? Hypothetically, what direction would you take a third entry in the series?


    Feargus: You are correct, we approached Atari a number of times about doing Icewind Dale 3. We hope that with the success of Project Eternity that it might be possible to talk to Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast about those games again. However, our focus right now is Project Eternity. We would not want to start working on something like IWD3 soon, since we don’t want anything to compromise Project Eternity at all. If we were to do IWD3, I think we would continue the focus of what the IWD series was all about – a great dungeon crawling counterpoint to Baldur’s Gate and Torment.


    I remember the news from gamebanshee

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