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  1. I do not understand this attitude! My firm belief is that every good game should be available to largest possible number of players. There is no reason for this game to be limited to PC platform: I have already cited several examples of similar games that have achieved great success on consoles while neither PC nor console releases suffered from multiplatform nature of these games. Also, this game will surely not be a title that pushes the limits of technology, so current console hardware is not a problem (nor WiiU hardware which is not much more powerful than X360 or PS3 one). It should also be noted that old school cRPG is a genre in decline, console ports would be great for attracting a large number of young players from around the world thus increasing popularity of the genre!
  2. I sincerely hope that Obsidian will change its position on the potential console releases of Project: Eternity. I see no valid reasons against console versions. There is a huge market for this kind of games on consoles. Many forget that the first KOTOR was originally exclusive to Xbox, and that the sequel (the first game developed by Obsidian) was also released on Xbox. Both games were equaly popular on the PC and the console, first one actually sold much more on Xbox and is considered as one of the games that defined that console. Dragon Age: Origins was also multiplatform game and it is well known that the console versions sold much greater numbers than the PC one. I see that one of the most common arguments against the console editions is the problem of adapting interface for use with gamepad. I do not see how this was a problem for any of the games that I mentioned! They are all equally enyoable with gamepad and keyborard-mouse combo. I will mention Final Fantasy XII, a PS2 exclusive which had one of most complex RTWP combat systems (DAO actually borrowed many ideas from FF XII!) and yet it was perfectly playable with gamepad! I belive that WiiU would be perfect platform for Eternity. The game would be released relatively early in console lifetime, which would mean that it would have the advantage of being an early title. It is also unlikely that there would be threat of piracy on WiiU since its highly unlikely that the protection will be cracked so early. Should I mention that (according to data from November last year) Witcher 2 was pirated almoust 5 million times on PC? Also, the design of WiiU gamepad makes it an ideal platform for genres that are usually found on PC. Note that I do not see any problems with porting this game to Xbox 360 and PS3 and I belive that it should be ported to both consoles since I've already proved that these games are perfectly playable with ordinary gamepads, I just believe that WiiU would be an excellent first choice.
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