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  1. Well, I wasn't sure if I should raise my pledge, but i wanted the Stronghold and I wanted the troll!! With the newest update with the stamina/health system, I'm even more happy that I went (significantly!) up! I trust the devs to make the best game they can squeeze out of our money. They have proven it in the past and will prove it again! And for all "that's so no old school" whiners: it should be a new game with the same "old" feeling, but not the same ideas (they should just have redone BG if so). I like the stamina/health ideas much better, than the old "the one with most health potions wins" style. Not everything that's "old school" is good, let the devs make a fresh and unique experience out of this! Greets
  2. So, someone had the same idea at the same time, great ! It seems, that there is some demand for this kind of gameplay and I hope, that at some point it will come into the game. Greets, Yarro
  3. Hello to all, I know that many players (me of course included) are fans of deep immersion into the game-world-experience as well of higher level of complexity. What I'm thinking of is a kind of "Reality Mode" - Sleep, rest, eat and drink The Chars would have to get some sleep after some timespan or rest after a travel (ever tried to walk from A to B for more than 10 hours? at the end of the day you're just exhausted, troll slying has to wait until tommorow ) . Eat and drink also, so that the vitals of the Chars are "full". If not there should be penalties for e.g. Hitpoints, accurancy, running speed, etc... . This should not go into a sims-mode where you have to feed each of your party members or send them to sleep. You would have to carry some supplies with you, which are automaticaly consumed with time. The more party members there are, the more supplies you need. If some party members don't get food for a long time, they would leave the party before they starve, or would not be able to fight, ... . This means that the party would have to resuply now and then or you would have to plan your excursions into the wilderness a bit more thorough. Some skills should help to get supplied in the wild, e.g. hunting, or a "survival" skill, something like this. If you see that you run low on supplies, you can tell your party member so go hunting, and the skill decide his success. Getting from one place to another should have a certain travel time, where the party e.g. would make a rest for the night (in the open or an inn) . This could have some interesting story options, too. - Weight and Equipement Of course there is my fauvorite image of the Hero getting out of the dungeon, with 67 longswords,, 23 Longbows, 15 heavy plate armor sets, ... you know what I'm getting to. In many games you have some kind of weight limitation for the char, where he can carry lets say about 200 kg (!) of gear. So if a dirk just weights 0,2 kg, you could have 1000 of them on you...yeah right: where? I know its for the sake of fun, but if there would be a more realistic concept, that adds into complexity and fun at the same time, this would be great. I'm thinking about have some more realistic limitations for the chars about how many parts of equipement they can carry. This can of course scale with the strenght factor, where a normal person can carry let's say up to 20 kg without feeling overburdened, a strong person can do with 35 kg. But noone can carry 100kg and fight...or walk... . There would be mules/donkeys/horses that carry your gear (into a certain exted - a mule cannot carry 2 tons...). The more gear you have, the more mules you would need and the danger of them being killed or stolen would encrease. The only really safe place would be the players house or HQ to store your loot/gear. Let me not start about how one can be able carry 1 Mio. of Gold pieces with them... . :D I'm not 100% sure where the micromanagemend is too high and reduces the overall fun. But if it would be optional than players would be able to choose if they want a more immersive and complex gameplay - or a more story driven or action oriented way, without having to care about the sleep etc. . What do you think about this? Greets Yarro
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