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  1. I played this character in an open ended D&D type of game, where we made up our own deities, and other supernatural powered beings. Here is my favorite that I made up: Not so much a god, or at least they didn’t consider itselves a god, but it had god-like abilities in the sense that it was not of this plane, nor did it exist in any one plane of existence. It was a sort of repair-man-like/janitor of a daemon in the sense that it did its job dutifully and without tiring (since it wasn’t tied to a physical form). Now it’s power was simple, but cold be as lethal as a person stepping on an anthill, with about as much effort. It repaired the fabric of reality because it could see and existed outside of all the planes. They were called plane walkers and since it was more of a force, it was a sort of “all or one” being. So, when it spoke it said “We” instead of I, since it was in a sense a collective that could materialize out of nothing. It essentially manipulated the fabric or reality to appear anywhere it wanted (including multiple places at once if need be) and could “unmake” things without doing anything visible (after all the body was just for show). You would thing this being could be very dangerous if encountered, and it was, but only to things that ripped apart the plane. So, destructive magic users and other forces that depended on weakening the natural physical order could find themselves face to face with something that was essentially reality taking form. As such the personality was very distant and and could be misconstrued as “cold.” However, it would occasionally appear to young magicians if it sensed their threat to order to encourage them to take the non-volatile path or discouraged them from undoing all this being’s hard work. So, it had a bit of a funny disposition and didn’t particularly care for killing or harming anything, except in defense of what even it could not repair: death. It was a sort of sad creature because it saw all the destruction and wished they could make all the destructive things see that they were eventually just hurting themselves. I really had the way this thing thought down, and Role-played a very rich character. If I could have backed at the 5K+ level to create this character, I would have, that’s how much I loved breathing life into it, since those that took the time to interact with this character often seemed pretty impressed by the depth and thoughtfulness of the character. I am sure I will get flack for such a crazy-powerful idea, but it wasn’t a power grab type of thing. It was more of like, “How would a creative god feel?” and wouldn’t one just hand off the repair job to a daemon, and how would it feel about its never-ending job? Thanks.
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