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  1. Then why add it at all in a game based on a tabletop where creative roleplaying, regardless of alignment, can yield rewards. This seems like a copout idea of their intentions, or, if accurate, a copout on their part.
  2. Actually, I'm playing Baldur's Gate through again, as evil aligned PC with evil aligned NPCs. Baldur's Gate does not work this system "right." Sure, the town guard attack me, and sure some conversational tidbits and the dreams I have point out my inner darkness as a character. However, bumping up the cost of items at stores a ludicrous amount is simple favoritism. There's far more incentive for a shopkeeper to charge me LESS as an evil PC than as a good PC. What I mean to say is this: An evil PC that murders, betrays, and generally raises chaos should (if anything) be given DISCOUNTS o
  3. Not sure if this has been really addressed before in here, if it has please link to the thread and close this. In many Bioware games, and, indeed, RPGs in general, when rpesented with choices/options in conversation or for resolving quests, the "good" choice is almost always the choice that nets the biggest/best rewards. I dislike seeing this dynamic, and I hope that this game addresses that. Just because the "evil" way can be the quick and dirty, doesn't mean it should quantifiably net less reward for the duration of a campaign. Example: Do a quest to retrieve a clan's legendary sword for
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