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  1. http://www.kickstart...ster-than-light http://www.gog.com/e...ster_than_light I forgot about FTL. Still that's only one game with only 10 thousand backers. Not exactly the type of game I was talking about. What makes you think it's not unlikely? Maybe I'm a pessimist, but while I'm hopeful that every single bigger project will do fine, if even one fails to get made, for example, the bad press kickstarter would get, combined with increased sentiment of cynicism from potential backers, could do a lot of damage.
  2. I'm really surprised by the conservative approach that most people have when it comes to the growth of crowd funding. How many internet users know of kickstarter? 5%, 15%, 30%? What ever the number is there are probably millions of people that have not even heard about such a way of financing games. Also, how many people are out there that like the idea in theory, but are still skeptical about putting their money into something that has little or no proof of working (I'm talking about games exclusively here). Right now, while there is still not a single game released (as far as I know) wi
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