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  1. nobody demanded it. the perks are there from the first second the kickstarter launched, and were put there by obsidian. There weren't any demands per se but I recall there were quite alot of requests for high reward tiers as an incentive for people do donate more.
  2. Naturally people who invested alot of money should get something extra for their contribution. The issue comes with investors demanding an active part in what the game will contain as a "return". Remind you of something?
  3. All the reward spots will most likely not be claimed but seeing as this is the limit Obsidian chose they have to consider this as a possibility. That means 6 enemy parties, 50 items, 3 inns/taverns and 200 NPCs will be designed by contributors. In any RPG i've played this would be a huge chunk of the sum total. I mean, I can see the want to reward high tier backers but i think most people wanted OBSIDIAN to develop this game and not random people/communities off the internet - who will mostly likely have no experience in game design and have no firm grasp of the feel and lore of the game. Ma
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