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  1. I was thinking we'd give extra money on top of our X+$8 pledge. I like the idea to leave the design of the party to Obsidian, though.
  2. Well, there are only 6 character sheets, but they could at least represent the group.
  3. Could a Kickstarter project be started for this (assuming it's within their rules)? That way money is only charged if enough is pledged. We'd still need someone to handle the funds and make the pledge on behalf of the group, though.
  4. So, has anyone mentioned the possibility of the Obsidian Order collectively doing the new $5000 adventurer tier pledge and naming the group the Obsidian Order? I'd certainly be willing to chip in some more for that. I'm not sure how the funds would be collected for this though. Any ideas?
  5. Time to step out of lurkerdom. I'd like to be known as the Propagandist of the Obsidian Order. This really is a great idea, by the way.
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