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  1. I know my system, and this is not a hardware issue. I built the system 3 years ago, and have never overclocked (this is a combo gaming/HTPC rig, so I keep things quiet and cool). I use way more PSU than I need, and my temps/airflow are good. Most importantly, I have 3 years of RPGs under my belt on this system, including many demanding 3D titles like Skyrim, Witcher 2, Dragon Age, and tons of others on the big screen at 1920x1080, and ONLY hit this problem when running PoE on my little desk monitor. I only inquired about possible GPU types because I could see this being a driver issue o
  2. So far of the 3 dxdiags that have been posted here, I see we all have an AMD Radeon graphics card. Anybody hitting this issue that isn't using an AMD graphics card?
  3. I have also been hitting this issue just about every time I play, at various intervals.. Just boom, computer completely shuts down with no warning. Damndest thing I've ever seen from a software program. I know this is possible from hardware issues, but this only happens when running PoE, and finding others here with this problem tells me that it's not my system. I ran a full CHKDSK overnight last night to make sure there were no disk issues, and after that completed I still hit this again today. As instructed above, I'm attaching a zip file with my last savegame before the latest sh
  4. Well, this was a good excuse to get signed up on the forums! Been lurking, but had to get in on the fun and upped my pledge. My name on Kickstarter is: Jim - Maestro of the Obsidian Order
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