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  1. I voted 'hard' though I was inclined to vote ' old school' :D. Though it might scare others away, I feel some of the appeal of these old school games is, that they are so difficult and unforgiving. Remember in NWN when you would spend a lot of time clearing a dungeon just to get instant-killed by the first trapped chest you try to open and having to do it all again? Or in BG1 when, if playing as a mage, the first wolf you met in the forest could kill you in one hit? I think this unforgivness - frustrating as it is - brings an intensity and reality you just dont find in the modern cake-walk gam
  2. I'd really like to see Project Eternity as a straight-out single-player game. When it comes to storytelling and relationships with companions, multiplayer is rarely able to provide the depth that a singleplayer game is. That being said, I have recently had great fun playing through BG1 & 2 and NWN1 & 2 with a friend using LAN/hamachi. I'd like to be able to continue this joint RPG adventure, so i'd love to have the opportunity to play over LAN with a friend in style with these games - where the second player is basicly creating a 'dummy-character' that has no influence on how the sto
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