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  1. I voted 'hard' though I was inclined to vote ' old school' :D. Though it might scare others away, I feel some of the appeal of these old school games is, that they are so difficult and unforgiving. Remember in NWN when you would spend a lot of time clearing a dungeon just to get instant-killed by the first trapped chest you try to open and having to do it all again? Or in BG1 when, if playing as a mage, the first wolf you met in the forest could kill you in one hit? I think this unforgivness - frustrating as it is - brings an intensity and reality you just dont find in the modern cake-walk games. BTW. remember when you chose to attack Gorion, just to check out what would happen? He'd say "What are you doing, my child?" before blowing you to smithereens with magic missiles! :D
  2. I'd really like to see Project Eternity as a straight-out single-player game. When it comes to storytelling and relationships with companions, multiplayer is rarely able to provide the depth that a singleplayer game is. That being said, I have recently had great fun playing through BG1 & 2 and NWN1 & 2 with a friend using LAN/hamachi. I'd like to be able to continue this joint RPG adventure, so i'd love to have the opportunity to play over LAN with a friend in style with these games - where the second player is basicly creating a 'dummy-character' that has no influence on how the story plays out, but can be there to share the experiences with the main player
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