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  1. On 8/4/2020 at 4:31 AM, Volourn said:

    XFL lost a lot of ratings in the last few weeks of its news existence. The product sucked. It sucked worse than the CFL which already sucks(ed). It is a nothing league with a lot of crappy players who aren't good enough for the NFL. Why would I want to watch a league filled with garbage? Next you'll be offering $50 to watch me play with my neighbourhoood buddies calling it 'decent'. LMAO

    By that logic no one would watch football on college och high school level cause all of the college players are worse than the players in the NFL.

    The NHL have farm teams, so why not the NFL? Cause that is basically what the XFL would be.

  2. 7 hours ago, Bartimaeus said:

    The way I'm thinking of it, it's likely one of a few things will happen:

    1. Rodgers falls off significantly or gets hurt and he's cut off after ~two years for performance/money/health reasons, and we have a guy that was two years in the waiting to try to take over.

    2. A Favre-Rodgers situation happens where the coaching staff feels the young guy *needs* to be playing because he's looked so good and the current guy, while also good, is clearly on his way out of the league within the next few years at best.

    3. The opposite, a Brady-Garopollo situation, happens: Rodgers has a career resurgence that makes him impossible to replace even if the backup looks solid.

    4. Jordan Love, like a number of other 1st round pick QBs (especially fringe ones) over the years, sucks and Rodgers continues starting essentially unchallenged.

    A combination of two or more situations could happen. Basically, the only situation where taking Jordan Love was a really bad idea is if Jordan Love ends up being garbage. If he does, then that was a major waste of a very valuable 1st round pick at close to the end of an era for a franchise that could've been better spent elsewhere. If he develops into a franchise quality QB, all these problems will sort themselves out one way or another and be good for the Packers, even though there's a possibility of heartbreak (whether it's through cutting or trading Rodgers, or being forced to trade Love because of Rodgers continuing to be a top 3-5 QB - objectively, the best situation, of course, is that both guys do great, though that'll obviously create a very thorny and divisive problem for the team to sort through).

    Thinking about it this way has let me be more at peace with the pick, even though I do feel it was probably a year early especially after a 13-3 NFCCG appearance. The rest of the draft, uh, well, we're just gonna have to see what they have in store. Whinging and armchair GMing ain't gonna do any of us any good, so we might as well approach it with a "let's hope they know what they're doing and that things work out" mindset. We can groan and laugh later when/if it turns out horribly.


    Nice summary!

    I've calmed down a bit too. As I stated in an earlier post, Rodgers has been in decline for the last few years, so it's not unreasonable for the organization to plan accordingly. But it stings, I'd have to admit that.

    That being said, I still think the Jordan Love pick was an overreach. Sure, you could repeat the mantra "trust Gutekunst" (and his scouts) but we didn't hesitate five seconds to ridicule the Bears organization when they traded up to pick Trubisky and this situation feels very similar.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Bartimaeus said:


    Then LaFleur comes out and says "Rodgers will be a great mentor to Jordan Love", and it's like, yep, unless Rodgers has a top 3 year this year and the next, this is probably it.

    Yeah, I hate the thought of that. And yes, I know I'm a Rodger fan boi.

  4. Okay, here's my rant.

    First of all, lets get to the "this is exactly the same situation we had 15 years ago when we took Aaron Rodgers while Favre was at the helm". No. A big hard no. In that draft, there were two QBs who were graded, or had the assumption on them, to be the number one pick overall in the draft. It was Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. As we all know, Rodgers wasn't picked number one overall and fell into the lap of Ted Thompson, who of course could have passed too, but took a shot which turned out to be very smart.

    You cannot compare that situation to the one we had a few days ago. No one, and I mean no one, had the opinion that Jordan Love was good enough to be the number one overall pick. He was projected much lower down the board, and by some even into the second or later rounds. So to trade up to grab Love in the first round is not equivalent to when they picked Rodgers. If Tua had fallen into the Packers lap, that would have been an equivalent situation, but that didn't happen.

    I was so shocked and then pissed over the weekend but having calmed a bit, I've tried to look at why this happened and the more I think about it, the more obvious it is. 

    Rodgers QBR has gone down four years in a row. Last year, the Packers were about to draft Drew Lock in the second round, but the Broncos "stole" him right before their eyes. So it's obvious that the Packers are assuming Rodgers will continue to decline in a way that they don't see him as a good enough starter in 2-3 years (by that time they also have an easier way to get out of his contract). Gutekunst and LaFleur is saying all the right words right now but what they really are saying is that they are gonna punt Rodgers out of the organization in about 2 years.

    The only thing that can hinder this is if all this debacle turns a fire under Rodgers ass and he goes into God mode for the next two years. In that case they'll of course have to trade Love, much like the Patriots did with Jimmy G. Is see this as an unlikely scenario though, as Rodgers doesn't have a Robert Kraft type of person to defend his spot in the organization.

    Jordan Love could, in theory, be a very good QB. But in my mind, the Packers did a "bears move" and got their very own Mitch Trubisky.

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  5. Just rewatched the entire draft this morning/day (cause I live in Sweden so I didn't want to stay up all night to watch I live).

    All I can say is; punt my ass all the way to the moon. I could go off on a rant here about how bad that pick was. But I just can't at the moment. They better have a good day 2 of the draft or I'll be furious about this until september.

  6. 16 hours ago, Bartimaeus said:

    Well, let's see, teams ahead of the Cowboys possibly looking for QBs...

    1. Bengals for sure (almost certainly Burrow).

    2. Maybe Redskins, but they might want to give Haskins another year...or they might Cardinals it in favor of getting a new guy.

    3. Probably not the Lions, but there was some talk of them moving Stafford this past off-season, you never know.

    4. Dolphins are certainly a strong possibility, especially since Josh Rosen seemingly appeared DoA every since he was drafted, and apparently the current plan is for Fitzmagic to keep starting.

    5. Chargers absolutely need a QB, strong possibility of them taking one.

    6. Panthers just signed Teddy Bridgewater for a year (or was it two?), probably won't draft one high but you never know.

    7. Browns, whatshisface had a pretty big sophmore slump, but I'd expect them to give him at least one more year.

    8. Sam Darnold on the Jets also probably gets one more year.

    Bengals (#1), Dolphins (#5), and Chargers (#6) seem like the most likely QB-takers in front of you, with small chances from a number of other teams. Hard to leapfrog them without selling the farm, too. Yeah, doesn't look great. There's also a a possibility of another team like the Patriots leapfrogging you, especially with their three third round picks. No, I think you're stuck with Dak, especially knowing Jerry Jones who loves "his guys" and has no interest in drafting his replacement already.

    As for the Packers, it's back to drafting projects we hope turn out in the 30s/upper 20s for us...

    Good summary!

    There's a lot of QB needy teams really, and even more if you go beyond the Cowboy's pick of course.

  7. On 4/9/2020 at 11:46 AM, Gromnir said:

    Former NFL exec unloads on Tua: Uncovers previously unreported injury, failed physical

    "Beyond his well chronicled hip injury.

    "Here are the previously reported and undisputed injuries, according to Forbes:

    "Broken left index finger (March 2018; no games missed)
    "Sprained right knee (October 2018; no games missed)
    "Left high ankle sprain (December 2018; surgery; no games missed)
    "Right high ankle sprain (October 2019; surgery; 1 game missed)
    "Dislocated right hip with posterior acetabular wall fracture (November 2019; surgery; missed final 3.5 games)

    "But Mike Lombardi, who worked for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots front offices and is plugged in among some scouts and personnel departments, recently unloaded on Tagovailoa’s injury history and reported previously unknown information about multiple broken wrists."

    with no way to get tua in to do team physicals before the draft, it will be interesting to see what happens.  no doubt many teams will be dismissive of info or will see as an opportunity to snag a franchise qb if he drops a bit. regardless, tua will be generating a great deal o' drama before he ever steps on the field to play an nfl game.

    HA! Good Fun!


    I can see him dropping, and even Justin Herbert being taken ahead of Tua. But when the dust settles, someone will have taken a chance on Tua in the first round. Just too much upside not to throw the dice on him.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Gfted1 said:

    Did we see all of Tannehill before he turned it around? Maybe he had a lucky season? I think coaching is important, especially for QB's, and hes still young with a big arm. When they cut him, someone will snatch him up.

    Tannehill has/had way more promise than Winston, in my opinion. Winston's decision making is just mad (in a bad way), and added to that, I wasn't impressed by his construed leadership as shown on Hardknocks.

    But yes, if Winston gets cut, I'm sure some team will pick him up. No doubt. 

  9. 19 hours ago, Gfted1 said:

    I think its too early to cut Winston. Hopefully a year behind the GOAT will impart some knowledge.

    Too early? Haven't we all seen what there is to be seen? I'd rather go with Tyrod Taylor than Winston seven days a week.

  10. Still, the Cowboy's O-line must cost a bunch, right? But, seems like it was a low hit for the Cooper contract this year, going up to 22M the following years. Must take a toll on their cap in the years to come.

    But who cares when Brady is going to the Buccs, right?

  11. So a year ago, everyone was like; Dallas is in a pickle, cause they can't afford to sign Zeke, Dak and Cooper at the same time. It will cost them too much.

    And here we are, Zeke and Cooper have been paid and Dak is franchised tagged. 

    Can someone explain how that was economically possible? 

  12. Since Murray and Queen are most likely gone at pick #30, how about Willie Gay Jr? I thought he looked good at the combine. Don't know about red flags and other stuff like that though.

    Packers sure needs an ILB though.

  13. 1 hour ago, Skarpen said:

    That's a little shortsighted. First of all people should worry that even if thet will not die they can infect someone who could die. Friends, family etc. A common cold is not very lethal and I still avoid spreading it if I catch one even if it's not "big deal".

    Second of all if allowed to spread freely because not a big deal if you are not old then you eventually will be old at some point in time. And since you can catch it more than once, as being sick once doesn't give you immunity like in some other viruses, that's a concern.

    Well, there are hundreds and thousands every year dying from the flu (again, people with multiple diseases and the elderly) and so far that hasn't lead us to buyng toilet paper in panic. I get it that it's important to keep diseases in check, that is all fine, but the panic is just utterly stupid. If you are in panic now, you should have been in panic all days and years prior to this date, and you should keep being in a state of panic for the rest of your life. But it won't do you any good.

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  14. 11 minutes ago, fced said:

    Rekke is a sidekick, Eder is our oldest companion, it is a matter of taste but i am not sure you will have interactions with Rekke like you have with Eder (reputation also)..
    My character is a wizard, and i play with both Pallegina as Paladin, and Eder as fighter, Seraphen as Cipher is very useful also because it can turn enemies into allies, Wizard Confusion was doing the same in POE but not in Deadfire sadly...

    Well, you asked what would work as a tank, you didn't specify anything about interaction. If interaction is a priority, then you should definetely take Edér over Rekke, that is correct.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Boeroer said:

    I can only imagine the feeling of that punch in the gut: Divinity:OS sells well --> PoE sells well --> Divinity:OS II sells like hot cakes --> Josh expects the same for Deadfire --> Deadfire tanks (despite good critics). I mean that sure does hurt. 

    It's like when I was young and doing websites for clients in my freetime and I would always include four designs: three that I really worked on and which i liked and a forth that was just trash cobbled together. And every time clients said: "Oh we like the forth one best!" Ouch...

    Yeah, a gut punch describes it pretty well.


    Man oh man. Josh feels so bitter lately. I almost don't dare bring this up, but since the devs rarely looks at their own forum anymore I guess it will fly under the radar. Josh has been very sour regarding the fact that the game sold poorly and the fact that he caught a lot of personal flak regarding the main storyline. So I guess one shouldn't be surprised about how he answers regarding this stuff, but I still feel he's acting a bit like a martyr. I just hope he gets past it.

  17. In NFL they make a big deal of covering their mouth when they make the play call. But in XFL we sometimes get to hear it live. Can someone explain why that's not a problem in the XFL and a big problem in the NFL?

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