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  1. But are you saying that it doesn't really matter what they announce? If it doesn't why not pledge more now?
  2. @sesobebo: But what would need to be in those digital packages? Can you name a specific item that would tempt you? For example: a digital interactive map of the game world before release.
  3. So we know that there are going to be new digital tiers and there will probably be more stretch goals and game details in the coming weeks. So the new pledges will probably keep rolling in. But what I want to know is what specifically will make you pledge more money to the project? So aside from how much you pledged already and irregardless at what price a new reward will come, or how high a stretch goal will be; what will it take, 'specifically', to make you pledge more? Just name the thing highest on the list since you could have mutiple.
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