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  1. Crabby, Harlot of the Order checking in! Also wanted to see if I have a title! Edit: I do! YAY!
  2. My services are free to all Obsidian Order members who have pledged their extra $8! Chad, Harlot of the OO!
  3. Well done, Farudan! By the way, on Kickstarter, I am Chad, Harlot of the Obsidian Order! Come join our heroic order everyone!
  4. Hello! I'd like to make a quick suggestion (sorry if it has already been raised) regarding the Kickstarter tiers. I think there should be tiers providing access to multiple digital copies of the game. For instance, I'd love to be able to pledge $250 and receive 8-10 digital codes of the game that I could then gift to friends who probably wouldn't have bought this game anyway. It seems like a win-win for me. Perhaps there could be a $130 tier with 4-5 games as well? It seems to me like there is a missed opportunity right now.
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