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  1. I am all for variety. I don't think it's feasible (or even supported by the engine) to have players tweak various body-related attributes on character creation, so let's think about what the developers could actually do. Pre-designed body types to choose from at character selection? Possibly doable, will likely lack great variety and animation could become tricky for body types at the extremes of the spectrum, if those are included at all. No variety in body types, but other character customization options exist and allow a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic approach to character creation (wrote multi-racial at first, then remembered it's a fantasy game). Cosmetically equipped items. Quite a few games do this, but it can be immersion-breaking (my character looks like he's wearing robes, but in fact he's wearing full plate armour). It also requires quite a bit of content to be created, so it's resource-intensive.
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