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  1. Some thought on the matter. I totally agree with users who say that dragons are better to be something bigger and deeper than ordinary monster you meet around every corner, and that it should be something more than dumb lizard. I think dragons should be both spiritual, wise and powerful. If they appear - they should be intelligent and not dumb beasts scoring lots of XP for killing them. They could be for example similar to angels or demons of christian lore (btw some angels - seraphims - are described similarly to dragons - as being fairy serpents), or similar to Lungs of chinese mythology and buddhist lore. They could be keepers of balance or some such. Or protagonist could be a dragon (in an important, relevant kind of way - not just get some fairy breath or fusrodah everyone). He could be one in a spiritual way - why not? If they are given an important role in the game lore - that's perfect. But if they are going to be dumb meat - then better leave them out. Dragons are an important archetype, and similar dragon imagery and ideas are met in totally different cultures and countries all over the world. So if made correctly it is better to include them. I myself would really like that dragons be a part of the game world. I like them and admire the symbol they represent - spiritual realisation and transcendence of mind over matter. I also like them as a symbol of power. And I love them as an all-time badass creatures of every good fantasy and myth. People love non-human characters - like Morte and Nordom. I still remember Firkraag the red dragon! Just make dragons right - and people will love them too. Actually I bet that everyone who played games with interesting dragon characters, remember them. The only problem is that there is just too little good games with dragons as developed characters. Summary: If you can make them right - and I know you can - better include them. Cause they're awesome! P.S. And if player can transform into one (for example as in Neverwinter Nights 1 - there was a spell for that) that will be extra sweet!
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