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  1. Did some searching, didnt yet see a specific topic on it. Is the answer out there and I'm missing it? Can we expect a Multiplayer option similar to BG/IWD? For me personally, not being able to play the game with my best friend like we did both the BG and IWD series would suck. Yarazin
  2. I was sure it was something like that. What I would like to ask Tim is if this was discussed at the beginning and would he consider makling another TB game down the road.
  3. I have a great deal of tolerance. I am not talking about small anoyances. Come on, you guys know I am talking about game breaking issues or unfinished content. As a fan backed project this shouldnt happen, but I fear its still a possibiliy. I have played many of the games they have made, and these issues are not entierly exagerrated. I guess I want one of the devs to tell us it wont happen...
  4. I have never agreed with this statement. Its not real turn based if I dont know who is next in the initiative line to plan my turns. I would also agree that it is slow as many say. Some of us like it slow. I actually played TOEE with a buddy using two monitors/keyboards/mice so we could pretend it was multiplayer. LOL Please, please, make real turn based an option
  5. May have already been suggested, but a great strech goal, or priority goal I feel, is to add a turned based option. Love BG, but never liked RTwP.
  6. I also agree the game should be turn based. I love all the IE games, but the fights were much more fun in TOEE. But, what I always wondered was, why cant we have our cake and eat it too? How hard would it be to make it an option, RTwP and TB both, you choose which you want and there you go. I'm sure the answer is too much work, but I thing if they did have turn based as at least an option, I would be sold. Yarazin
  7. Please don't take this wrong, and God knows I love almost every game these guys have come out with. But I have not been able to make myself back a kickstarter project yet, for various reasons. Here is my main fear with this team. Reputation lately for buggy or unfinished games (from both Obsidian and Troika). Now with the backers not a evil corporation above you, will you release a unfinished or severly buggy game? Both Obsidian and Tim (Trokia) has done this (IMO). Yarazin
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