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  1. I honestly wouldn't mind them as a long extinct race either... as long as they stay that way. THE DRAGONS SHALL RISE AGAIN is just so... cliche.
  2. So I'm guessing for races: Human Elf Dwarf Orc (?) And Classes: Knight (defensive combat) Wizard (magic) Thief/Rogue (stealth) Cleric (healer person) Barbarian (offensive combat)
  3. Wasn't sure if it was a snake or Dragon... I'd be perfectly fine with this to.
  4. Ok first off, allow me to introduce myself, as I just joined this forum a few minutes ago, and cannot find the "introduce yourself" section, if there even is one. I am Frank (yes that rabbit from Donnie Darko), some of you may know me from community discussion over at the Bethesda forums, if so, hit me up! It's scary over here. Now on to the actual topic: Dragons. I'm making this thread because, well, I haven't really seen this addressed anywhere and the fine folks over at Obsidian are *gasp* actually listening the the fans! So Dragons. Big reptilian fire breathing monsters, arguably o
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