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  1. On 4/3/2018 at 3:30 PM, Wormerine said:

    I am all for it, as long as they do not add their own content.

    I'd appreciate it if they'd finish off some of the sadly unfinished character interactions, like wrap up Neeshka's plot better, and have Sand and whatshername the sorcerer fight more, that sort of thing.

    This may be impossible, though, since *all* of NwN2 aside from the PC was voice-acted and I doubt they'd be able to get the original voice actors back or if they'd even sound like themselves this many years later.

    The quantity of voice-over may make NwN2 a no-go for an Enhanced Edition, anyway.  That was pretty much THE point when RPG's went from being relatively cheap things that a small studio could put out to expensive AAA mega-works.  The animations and voice acting made them need a big budget.

    While the licensing might be awkward, I doubt it'd be truly prohibitive.  It's not like anyone is making much money off NwN2 these days, and the community goodwill from these Enhanced Editions has been pretty strong, so there's a good motive for whoever owns it to just say "sure", sign the paperwork, and let Beamdog do their thing.

  2. For those worrying that Obsidian will go the way of Bioware . . . I don't think that's going to happen, because Microsoft as a games publisher is a fundamentally different type of company from EA.  Or Activision.  Or Ubisoft.  They're not, in fact, a games publisher at all.  Their core business revolves around a PC operating system that, as far as gaming is concerned, enjoys near-monopoly status.  (Right now, if you're a PC gamer, chances are EXTREMELY high that you run Windows on your gaming machine).  They have a side business that involves producing games for their console platform--which they're merging with their PC gaming platform to run a unified OS.  Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One is backwards-compatible--you can play 360 games on it.


    Oh, they've made their share of big-company blunders, don't get me wrong.  The awfulness that was Games for Windows Live cannot be described except by using a combination of profanity, obscenity, and scatology.  And their App Store isn't much better.  The history of the Xbox has basically been the saga of Microsoft entering a market they really did NOT UNDERSTAND when they started, screwing up royally, and ultimately making a go of it.  And the weird part is that they've made a go of it in gaming by acting like a smaller company.  Microsoft, the abusive titan of the PC, basically became a scrappy underdog (almost a failure of one) when they entered the gaming market.

    I don't think they're going to pull an EA or an Activision or a Ubisoft.  Oh, I'm sure there will be screwups and missteps.  But unlike other games publishers they're not in the games market to make money.  They already make money on their OS and their software.  Microsoft makes games because they want to make games.  They are the ONLY games publisher out there who does something else to make money.  Valve was like that for a while, but they basically stopped making games and they only do Steam these days.  You can argue that CdProjekt has GoG.  And look at how awesome CDProjekt is.

    There may be good reason to be cautiously optimistic about this.

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  3. I notice that InXile Entertainment also joined Microsoft. Maybe Microsoft is planning a large cRPG project.


    Srsly?  Wow.


    Could we be looking at some kind of RPG renaissance?


    That would kick ass.


    Tell them to choke EA until they cough up Bioware, or at least the part of Bioware that does Dragon Age, before they kill that one the way they killed Mass Effect.

  4. Nothing seems to be working.  Steam isn't even showing the free DLC in my list of available DLC's for the game.


    Now, before I get an endless list of suggestions to check and uncheck the DLC from my list.  It is NOT LISTED.


    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game.


    I have restarted Steam.


    I have cleared my Steam download cache.


    I have tried adding all DLC to my cart.


    I am not using family sharing; I own the game myself.


    I have unchecked all the DLC that DOES show and re-checked it.


    I have started the game and exited.


    I have tried clicking on all the DLC buttons and news items in the game.


    When I try going to the DLC page and clicking on the DLC's that it won't show for me, I just get an age warning. When I click "view page" nothing happens. 


    ... most of them would rather cover themselves in honey and belly-flop on a termite mound than deal with a "high-class", highly-educated woman no matter HOW hot or nice she is.

    Why are you assuming that the Watcher is a high-class, highly-educated woman (or man)? In many of the backgrounds that's not true. At all.


    I get no sense that Edér considers the Watcher in any way his superior. He's just a laid-back, easy-going, sort of brainless guy. Yes, he does have a type - we've seen two examples of it - but it's entirely possible to play a woman of exactly that type. And we know he's not suddenly decided on celibacy - he's quite ready to mack on Iselmyr.


    Saying that he's not interested in a serious relationship? Completely understandable; he's never really been interested in that, apparently. Saying he's not attracted to any type of Watcher at all? Don't buy it.



    Maybe because the example is not a literal example of what makes your Watcher "special".


    Your soul is thousands of years old, you see spirits, and talk to gods on a regular basis.  Plus you're a noble.


    You don't actually have to be a *classy person* to fall into the "high class" category for people with "I'm just a little person" syndrome, although from my experience you can get "promoted" there by being classy even if you're otherwise "base, common, and popular".  It's less about who you are (or think you are) and more about how Eder perceives you, and his basic character point since you first meet him is that he kinda prefers to have someone to tell him what to do.  He's NOT comfortable relying on his own judgment.  With pretty much all of those people gone from his life, he doesn't even leave a town where he's pretty likely to BE HUNG until you show up and he latches on to you.

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    That makes sense. I was wondering actually, how everyone in Deadfire knows that Eder is a farmer, and brings it up.


    Excuse me for trying to fix the broken quote there, sorry.  I hope it worked.


    He has a redneck accent, probably.  And he acts like a "redneck" to an extent (apparently on purpose--he's smarter than he acts, but not a genius by any means).


    It's more apparent in Pillars 1 that he's a low-key kind of guy, he reminds me of a lot of factory workers and laborers that I've been around over the years, and most of them would rather cover themselves in honey and belly-flop on a termite mound than deal with a "high-class", highly-educated woman no matter HOW hot or nice she is.  And it's not because they don't like her, they like her plenty, they just don't want to be in a relationship where they're a sideline or an afterthought.


    It's far from universal, but you see it here and there.


    If you notice, if you miserably fail his personal quest, he doesn't really get mad at you.  He ASKS you to PLEASE do his personal quest, even at the stage where it's LITERALLY LIFE OR DEATH for someone who concerns him.  If he thought of himself as your equal, he'd TELL you that you're going NOW and be BITTERLY angry if you just wandered off and did your own thing.  But he doesn't.  It's not that he doesn't care, but he does NOT expect YOU to care--even though he was probably the one personally responsible for pulling your unconscious body out of the ruins of Caed Nua, hauling you cross country after Eothas to keep you alive, helping put a ship together, personally watching over you while you're unconscious, etc.  I mean, he did ALL THAT STUFF, but he doesn't in any way figure you OWE him this one little thing that literally costs you NOTHING apart from being a little timely for once?



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  7. Interesting. I always play male characters and Eder felt the same to me as in 1. Aloth however, feels completely different. He was one of my favourite characters in 1 (2nd after Zahua), and my Watchers were always really kind to him, which he arguably doesn't deserve at all, yet in Deadfire, he's an aloof, judgemental git. My approval with him is still at 0, and was even at -1 at one point until I reloaded and kicked him out of the party for that particular scene xD (everyone else I cart around has been at  +2 for ages). He's also at -2 with Serafen and Tekehu, while they are at 0 with him). Eder OTOH is still a fuzzy teddy bear. Enjoys jokes, likes helping, isn't judgy. I think he was depressed in 1 too. I wonder if this feeling re. characters depends upon how invested we were in them in 1. I mean, I always liked Eder, but it wasn't anything I was really passionate about, and I also won't be trying to romance him any time soon, as I'm assuming he's always straight. I agree that if you are a female, it would seem odd the thought never crossed his mind before.


    My take on it is that Eder has something of a low self-esteem or humility problem, and he regards the Watcher as existing on a whole different level from himself.  If she condescends to be friendly with him and care about his problems and help him out, well, that just proves how awesome she is, but for him to think about her in that way, well, that just ain't right.  The very thought makes him uncomfortable, like having relations with a dragon.


    To most people (particularly Americans, who generally internalize the idea that they're at least as good as anybody else, probably better), this would seem bizarre, but it's consistent with his characterization from Pillars 1.

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  8. It's hard to say.  The all-voiced dialog actually makes it feel shorter to me.  That and I made a conscious decision to not care about combat challenge and play on a low difficulty because the slog always ruins the late game in RPG's for me.  I did absolutely everything I could find to get cheevos for Berath's Blessings, and it still didn't feel as big as the first game.





    There's a kraken in game, and it's actually one of the few satisfying boss fights when done early.

    It appears if you anger galawain in Cilath mor during the Sayuka questline


    That boss fight is ****ing good. In fact, that whole questline is one of my very favorites.


    I especially liked that the main tactic at the end of White March, "CHARGE THE HEEEEAD!", proved to be a rather bad idea here.



    Heh. As soon as I realized poor thing's immobile I just unleashed Aloth, Durance and my scroll collection on the poor thing, it was very anticlimactic. Also, how do you piss Galawain off? I think I hanged up on him, but apparently it wasn't enough. 


    You have to actually shut down the machine, I believe.



    That whole section kinda made me laugh, like the other gods are all debating the end of the world and here's Galawain playing with his dolls.  Excuse me, "action figures".

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  10. I don't want a game that requires me to be a good two shoes. I like having the option to dirty the water. But I can't help but feel no matter what path I choose I have to be evil. In fact the faction that on it's face is the most evil, pirates who live for booty (in all it's forms), actually require me to be the least evil of all the factions. It's also the only faction that allows you to keep all of your companions.


    I'm not saying it's a bad thing necessarily. And this shouldn't be interpreted as a negative post on its face. But it just seems odd. Anyone have some theories for why the game was written this way? 


    Well, the game is about brutal power politics.  Not generally a topic very conducive to being a nice dude.

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  11. Well, I'm a man-hating* feminist and I loved it! So I guess that means it must be SJW propaganda of some kind, since everyone knows us feminists despise all other forms of entertainment.


    So I guess you shouldn't buy the DLC.




    *No not really.


    On the other hand, how will we ever get the game enshrined as an Official Object of Controversy this way?

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    I dunno if this happens if you aren't playing as godlike, but at least if you are playing as one, Berath notes that gods can posses their godlike children in order to take physical form which kills the godlikes in process. So uh, thats probably why they aren't in favor of taking physical form again since some of them do actually seem to care for their godlike children

    No, that wasn't exactly what they've said. They've said that, for whatever reason, they decided to stop manifesting in physical bodies after Ondra killed Abydon. Too much collateral damage maybe?

    But they've discussed possessing godlike as a possible ditch plan if what Eothas was planning on doing would turn really bad for them.



    They discussed EATING the godlike for power if things went really bad.


    I suspect the major problem with embodying is that the urge to murder each other becomes overwhelming, after all, Ondra blew up Abydon back when the gods were embodied, the other gods blew up Woedica, and Magran blew up Eothas TWICE.  Apparently, when they don't have bodies, they can't kill each other, so they just bicker.

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  13. Swords have loads? Good. I almost picked devoted to sabre just because I knew that they were almost guaranteed to get a lot of love, I think they are the dev's favorite weapon type.


    Two is really ****ty. 4-5 uniques at least per weapon type is more like it.


    I think it's pretty telling that Eder, who won again and again as Most Beloved Character, starts out with saber proficiency and with a saber as his weapon.

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  14. I think the ship to ship combat could have done with a better tutorial but it just sounds to me like you don't grasp what's going on there. You can win any sea battle by doing the following :-


    • Approach until in gun range (you should know the range of your guns)
    • Move to port or starboard to get "side on" with the enemy vessel
    • Hold position for a turn then fire your guns.
    • "Jibe" (which is basically a 180 turn)
    • Hold position then fire your other guns
    • Rinse and repeat the last 2 steps until the enemy vessel is destroyed

    Also enemy vessels have a "difficulty" rating, if you're attacking one with skulls attached to it, you aren't ready.


    If you're really threatening to leave a bad review because you had to hover the mouse over a word that was new to you (and might I add, that adds to the immersion of the game considerably) or because you don't like the accent of the voice actors then, good Sir, I put it to you that your review might not be worth anything at all.


    The enemy ship has quite a good chance of sinking you first when doing this if they have more hull health than you do--in fact, you will probably take more damage this way than you will just closing to board, not to mention the numerous random effects that can destroy your resources if you're unlucky.


    There's nothing INTERESTING about the system, it's degenerate.  Enemy ships won't surrender, you can't take ships as prizes or ransom prisoners, so the enemy ship just fights to the death every time.  All you can do in ship combat is sink them, so the only question is "what's the most efficient way to accomplish this".


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    I'm pondering writting a negative review of this game just due to how bad ship to ship combat is. It feels so badly implemented and out of place in game like this.


    I had fights where I would chase the enemy ship for 10 turns or more, trying to hit it, missing, going left, going right, and then after 15minutes instead of trying to sink them, they board you and you are 4v20 and die in 2 seconds...like who thought this system through, who though this would be fun?


    This game so far is miles belowed PoE. Right now I'd almost call it a bad game.


    Some other irks:

    - hate the narrator

    - hate the stupid english-italian accent

    - hate the inclusion of unknown words that you constanly have to hover to see what the NPC is talking about

    - hate the rations ship system

    I haven't done ship combat yet so can't comment, however what stupid english-italian accent? The narrator?


    It's American.



    Valians have a quasi-Italian accent.

  16. I actually like the food and water system for the ship, but honestly, there's no point to the ship combat other than to be long, tedious, and annoying.  You're better off just closing to board and fighting the enemy crew directly.  There aren't enough different levels of upgrades and alternatives to make the system interesting, so I just default to "get it over with as quickly as possible".


    I also dislike that everything is phrased in terms of "gives X inspiration" or "gives Y affliction" . . . wouldn't it just be faster to say "-4 Resolve" than to have a different damn affliction and inspiration for EVERYTHING that you have to mouse over to be reminded of what the heck they actually do?!


    I've tried with both games but I find myself completely unable to interest myself in the combat system because of this.  And it's not a general dislike for "crunchy bits" systems, either, I've been playing RPG's, both computer and pen and paper, vastly more complex than this one, for decades.

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    Also, the gods in the sequel were a bunch of toothless sissies squabbing with each other, I liked them more in POE1, they seemed more potent and confident then.

    I kind of liked the Greek god-esque squabbling, but their utter uselessness was baffling. They apparently have enough power to pull moons down from the sky, but when Eothas threatens the world and their existence, they decide to just send a mortal to spy on him? That's it?


    I'm struggling to think of a way Eothas's plan could end well. Right now, only the Republics (and possibly the Dyrwood) have any kind of animancy research going on. If and when other nations hear about what happened in the Archipelago, are they going to A) believe it, B) overcome centuries of prejudice and support the practice of animancy, C) co-operate with the other nations trying to solve the problem? I have my doubts. Can the Republics solve this alone? How long do they have? Will the government make this a priority or get sidetracked by other, more immediate, more tangible issues?


    A related question is just how obvious the effects of destroying the Wheel will be. If they're not noticeable enough, they're going to get ignored by most of the world's population. If they're too noticeable (See: Hollowborn crisis), there's going to be wide-spread chaos.


    And, of course, back to the gods - are they going to do anything? Will they just make things worse (signs point to yes)?



    I'm waiting for the DLC where it's revealed that this was all just a rather fantastic dream that Berath gave the Watcher while they were unconscious.

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    Vailian Trading Company - blow up Rauatain powder storage, kill Rauatain leader and Huana prince at the palace. Somebody gets killed at Ukaizo too (Principi leader iirc).

    Huana - blow up Rauatain powder storage, blame it on the Vailians. Somebody gets killed at Ukaizo too (Principi or Rauatai leader, don't remember).

    Rauatai Royal Company - kill the Huana queen. Somebody gets killed at Ukaizo too (Principi leader iirc).

    Principi sen Patrena - Huana prince and queen are killed at Ukaizo.



    I supported the Principi and the Hazanui of the Royal Deadfire Company showed up at Ukaizo instead, so I suspect who shows up to fight with you at Ukaizo depends on which group has the next-to-highest degree of support from you.

  19. Depends on your values.


    Huana - Traditionalist, rigid, naturalistic, best de jure claim to the deadfire

    Royal Deadfire company - imperialistic, nationalistic, progressive, intrusive

    Valian - Mercantile, less aggressively colonial than the royal deadfire company, slower and longer term plan, seems to suffer alot of in-fighitng and individual incompetence

    Principi -PIRATES!


    Obviously PIRATES! are the best.


    I was thinking the Huana were the best until I got to the endgame, at which point I heard what they were proposing to DO to solidify their claim on the Deadfire and then I thought, hmm, Valia?  Oh wait, they were involved with slavers.  And Rauatai (Royal Deadfire Company) freely assassinates innocents for political reasons.  And the pirates are also slavers as well as being murderers and thieves. So they ALL suck.


    I was going to go it alone but then I decided to support Aeldys in her bid for control of the Principi because she at least hates slavers and that way I got to sail a cool undead pirate ship that was . . . not as good as my ship with the expensive upgrades I'd bought.

  20. They could have very easily have hung a perfectly functional lampshade over this issue by having Eothas (or SOMEONE) inform you that the Engwithans screwed up the adra in the world so badly with all their crazy animancy hoodoo that the Wheel became NECESSARY as artificial life support because the natural way simply didn't work any more.  That would have been kind of cool, because it would make the gods and their former society stand out as that much more vicious.

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  21. Even thinking about the choices took more time than killing whoever I didn't ally with on the island. 


    And, worse, it doesn't matter what you pick, really, although you CAN at least have Eothas comically explode you with a thought if you insist on trying to fight him even though this is patently ridiculous.


    Really, the whole plot boils down to:


    Eothas:  "Imma smash yo house and borrow your soul, kay?"

    Watcher: "Say what, now?"

    Eothas: "I wasn't asking, but don't worry, I'll give your soul back (the house be smashed tho) but first you gotta do a bunch of chores for Berath, listen to the gods argue a bunch, and take sides in a stupid political struggle where all the sides are bad. Oh, and Magran is going to blow up a volcano under you for giggles."

    Watcher: "THAT SUCKS COME BACK YOU ****!!!"

    Eothas: "Okay fine you can just whip up a huge pile of money and come after me that way!  Sheesh.  Kiss kiss, have fun!"

    Watcher: "Can't I just grab a couple bags of food and water, tie myself on your shoulder, ride with you until you get to the end, turn off the giant storm machine, and have Eder et al come pick me up in this little boat they rented?"

    Eothas: "No, that would be silly." 

    Watcher: "DUDE. YOU SUCK."

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