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  1. Going from the list on the first page we are 116 members(probably not updated, Edited by Fionavar, Yesterday, 08:21 PM.) 116 * 8 = 928 Great we are close to a $1000 added to the project.
  2. I will begin praying immediately*bows head in silent prayer* Yes, my test dummy brother, the order shall grow if we put our faith, and pledge money, in Obsidian. PRAISE OBSIDIAN! OH INTERNET PRAISE THEM!!
  3. I think that might be a bit immersion breaking but a mention of the order in the game would be awesome! Ahh, now you made me feel bad for wishing for more BAD CRASH TEST DUMMY
  4. Don't worry - I practice safe sex, helmets and elbow pads are required at all times. Good to know, maybe I'll get in line after all the testing is done. Need to get some elbow pads though... hmm maybe this broken armor can be reused, TO THE TESTING CHAMBERS!
  5. Chad, I'm not really sure I want to visit a harlot with the nick crabby I am Nephilim - Obsidian Order Crash Test Dummy! I require testing chambers!
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