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  1. Dear Devs. I played Baldurs Gate one and two, Icewind Dale one and two, Torment and Arcanum till I was near skinless on my fingertips. I loved these games and not so much for the gameplay but the atmosphere the music and characters created, especially the music. The way many other kickstarters have worked was that if they reached a certain amount of money they would then work on improving music and sound, that is such a big mistake in my opinion as what really makes these games great is the way the music, the lore and the charachters all come together to form something more. The story telling from Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate was amazing, set the mood just right for the whole game. I hope you won't neglect this side of the game in any way.
  2. Whatever you do Devs please keep this console free. It always hurts the PC version in terms of playability and feel. Menus become unbelievably anoying to navigate among other things. PC is most deffinitely the way to go with a game like this.
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