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  1. However improbable the idea is, I definitely like it. Maybe somewhere around halfway through the dungeon, their's a settlement of some kind. Makes for a good pit stop before plumbing the rest of the depths.


    I'd actually like to see a city of the dead, or a city of souls, similar to the concept of the grey company, (the Dead Men of Dunharrow), from Tolkiens mythos. If you have the right faction built up, or the right type of soul, you can use the city as a safe haven. If not...

  2. To answer the OP; I love it!


    The level of detail, is fantastic. Like many others, I can't wait to see a character model within the environment. With the detail in that SS, I can see myself wasting days just looking around at everything. Opens the doors to all kinds of semi-hidden features. Old faded/worn carvings, runes, ...so much potential for depth beyond just the normal ring hidden in a tree.

  3. I don't want to start out special at all. I want to be just a normal schmo, who stubbles, or is pulled, into something extraordinary. The adventure, and how I deal with its various pitfalls, should dictate to a degree who/what I become. Let me stumble upon ancient secrets that perhaps unlock latent powers, that all of us posses, but only a few have ever unlocked. Have the accumulation of souls unlock knowledge or power that manifests itself in unique, and (hopefully) frightening ways.


    I want to be an everyman, who evolves into a superman.

  4. As long as the quest givers have huge glowing icons above their heads, and a magical golden wormhole appears leading me to my destination, I am fine with any types of quest. Oh, and uber loot too...gotta have uber loot. :shifty:



    Make a wide variety of quests, from the mundane to the epic. Sometimes I like to go kill 10 rats for a quick SP or two, other times, I want to grovel, grind, scream, and gnash my teeth for several long days/weeks to finish a quest. As long as the reason to begin a quest makes sense, I am good with it.

  5. I love crafting, as long as there is some complexity to the crafting system, and like the OP said, it makes sense to do so.


    The problem is, that loot always seems to trump crafted goods, or the whole system is so shallow, and unengaging, that there is no reason to do it.


    Indepth, engaging, useful crafting system = money well spent. On the other hand, I'd rather see no crafting at all, than something just tossed into the game half-assed to fill an empthy niche.

  6. Implimencations, implimencations...I like it! I'm going to use it at work. Rolls off the tongue just so.


    Srsly tho...


    I like to see racism, often seen as factions, in games. I love to be the guy no one wants in town. Make me earn the locals trust, make me scream at my monitor because some high and mighty nit wit won't let me buy a beer in the local tavern. Do I kill him and everyone in town? Do I kill all the folks the townies don't like? Hmmm life is full of choices.

  7. California USA represent.


    I also find it interesting that there seems to be more European players here than North American ones. Maybe Europeans are just more vocal and active?


    It might be because Europeans, unlike us Americans, know how to slow down, and smell the roses. The first time their children use their imagination, they don't pump them full of drugs like we do, and blame the specter of ADD. Many nations in the EU actually think challenging their children academically is a good thing...gasp I know, that would never be tolerated in the US...not PC enough, here you get a trophy/diploma for just showing up.


    I hate to sat it, but most American gamers can hardly handle the stress of angry birds, let alone a full blown old school RPG.


    Hmmm, I have this soap box for another 30 mins...what else can I rant about?

  8. I can't say this topic hasn't come up in meetings. Why don't you guys turn this into a user poll and see if there is serious interest in a mega-dungeon. The things I would be curious about are...


    1. How mega is your idea of a mega dungeon? 5 levels?10 levels? 20? More?

    2. How important do you think story is in said mega dungeon?

    3. Would you still support a mega dungeon if it diverted resources from the main plot/game? My guess is no, but I had to ask.

    4. Is this something you would like to see as a high end stretch goal or set of stretch goals?


    1. Depends on how large the levels are I guess. More important to me than levels is variety. Get crazy.


    2. There should be a reason to go, so there needs to be a story. I would like to see the story develop, with added complexity, the "deeper" we get into the dungeon, or series of dungeons.


    3. Ugghh...not so cut and dry with me. Dungeons usually, (if well done), are my favorite part of any RPG. Overland encounters, and grand heroic story arcs actually bore me. But, it's not my game alone, so no...don't pull from the main content. Either have the funding to do a major dungeon the right way, or leave it out completely.


    4. Stretch goals...toss a couple different levels of goals out there for us. That said, the first tier needs to be enough to make a good quality stand alone dungeon. That way we don't get a half assed dungeon. Just make higher stretch goal tiers add to the Ohhh Ahhh Arrghhh factor.

  9. I was thinking this would be some Sid & Nancy thing.


    STD's aren't dark, or evil, they just happen.


    Dark Romance? Try Boxing Helena for my idea of The Dark Side of Romance.


    You really need to try a little harder here.


    Edit to add: While this might be a troll post, I'd be more interested in "The Dark Side of Romance" than the normal nonsense that passes for RPG romance.

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  10. I am totally happy they are supporting Linux, and I have never used the OS. The primary reason I have never delved into Linux is the fact that there aren't any games. Gaming is honestly 80% of what I use my home PC for, so XP works just fine atm. Sure I could use wine, but it just seems like another thing that can go wrong. With win8 on the horizon, I am actually taking more interest in what Linux has to offer; if developers/publishers start making more Linux games, it makes my choice that much easier.

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