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  1. I have purchased a limited edtion of Dungeon Siege III recently, tried to download the exclusive content, but it said the code is not valid. I have contact Square Enix, but they only confirm it is not region conflic issue and said there is not much they can help further. I believe the code might have been cracked by some kind of code gen and used by someone else. I love the game so far, so I dont want to return it and get refund, I am more interested to get the exclusive DLC. Since Square Enix is not interested in helping, Obsidian is my last hope. Technically, it should be very doable to reissue me a code to download the content again. I can attached photos of evidence to prove that I did enter the code correctly and I did purchased and own a genuine copy of the limited edition of the game if given a trust worthy support email address. Posting these photos here wouldn't be very a wise thing to do.
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