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  1. Hi Chris,


    First off, I support another game along the lines of Planescape: Torment.


    I recently installed the game on my wife's computer and convinced her to try it. She is an avid reader (mostly fantasy) though not much of a gamer (Chrono Trigger, FFVII and dozens of unfinished attempts at others). She rabidly tore through PS:T in a marathon of gaming which culminated with her burning 2 1/2 days of sick time last week to finish. Needless to say, I am now replaying PS:T as well. It was a joy sitting side by side with her, playing through this great game and randomly reading aloud bits of enjoyable dialogue or narrative to one another.


    Though the hardcore RPG demographic would certainly eat up another game like PS:T, I am writing this post with the hopes of convincing your bosses at Obsidian that there is likely a fortune of untapped, inactive gamers that would get behind an amazingly well written game. A game not necessarily complex in rules, but in well thought out story. Lets be honest, no one plays PS:T for the combat, though if postings on the Internet are to be believed, this game continues to see immense popularity over a decade after it's release. That is no small feat.


    Hopefully your Kickstarter project will get the go ahead. I know plenty of loyal fans of yours that will fund and purchase your products regardless and you have my full support. Thank you for your years of dedication to the genre.

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