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  1. Never mind, I figured it out myself. Seems you have to hold these buttons down for a few seconds for them to activate. Would have been nice if the manual that came with the game and the in-game help had mentioned this.
  2. I just recently got XBox 360 for Xmas and Dungeon Siege 3 was my first game. I have actually completed this game and I'm now in the middle of the DLC Treasures of the Sun. The new super abilities for TOS require you to press LS and RS to activate (according to the in game and on screen help). I can't for the life of me figure out how to activate this. The RS controls the Zoom so if I try to press LS and RS and the same time, it only Zooms. This leaves me without any way to activate the super abilities. I've also noticed in the help that you should be able to use a "Quick Pickup" feature by press "RS" (that's straight from the in game help). Please explain to me what I'm missing. Any help with this would be appreciated. Dantoine99
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