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  1. I really like playing Necromancer's in my games. I hope I can do something like that involves black magic/summoning/raising the dead. It's even more hilarious when I RP all my characters as good guys. I like the contradiction.
  2. I'm not strictly opposed to voice acting. Hell, I was even saddened that there were not enough voiced lines in Torment (there can never be enough Morte), but I suppose a happy medium can be reached.
  3. I would like to see another entry into the Planescape series, or at the very least a new IP. I must admit that I am much younger than most of the members here, but playing Torment has entranced me with its weirdness and clever writing. I want to play an rpg that will surprise me as much as Torment. While I would like a new Planescape game, I'm pretty much asking for something different from the usual parade of Tolkienesque fantasy. Personally, graphics are never a problem, so I don't care if its made in the Infinity Engine or worse as long as it has a unique art style, a strong story, and
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