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  1. Isometric isn't being fair to modern capabilities, I think. Sure, the focus would be on a story or plot, but there's alot to be said about games where you can look around and see the world you're in. One of my favorite moments in NWN2 was when I logged on to a Persistant World server someone had put together, and saw just how beutiful a world they'd managed to make. It was awesome. So please, 3D for whatever game it is. Could you imagine what it'd be like if you could play Arcanum now and literally get to look up and see the nascent skyscrapers as they streatch up above castles and old wiz
  2. In my humble opinion. Obsidian should get with Paizo to do something like Neverwinter Nights using the Pathfinder system. I think that'd do a lot to generate even more buzz for Pathfinder, and also probably help Obsidian. Or maybe I just desperately want to put together a persistant world server using Pathfinder Rules. Other than that, I'd also love to see something like Arcanum, also with the UGC capabilities that NWN2 had. Just, at the core, SOMETHING like NWN2 again. I'm still playing that game years after I've bought it because it's the greatest computer adaptation of DnD, per
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